Essential Index of Jazz&Jazz YouTubes

Yours truly caught on camera filming for Jazz&Jazz YouTubes at the 100 Club (Photo by Laurence Cumming © Jazz&Jazz)

To date I have created over 750 high definition Jazz&Jazz YouTubes from well over 1,000 MP4s – some containing multiple numbers – which I have filmed over the past four years. I release them for viewing after essential editing and then feature them periodically on Jazz&Jazz.

So here is an index of numbers already released in the Jazz&Jazz YouTube Series! This will be updated with each new Jazz&Jazz YouTube feature.

Part 1: “Davenport Blues” with Alan Gresty and Tony Pitt.
Part 2: Denise Gordon and Roy Williams “Sugar”!
Part 3: Barry Palser Presents “That Dada Strain”
Part 4: Tuba Skinny “New Orleans Bump”
Part 5: Taimane Gardner Captivates Fest Jazz Fans
Part 6: The Adrian Cox Quartet at the Café in the Crypt
Part 7: 
Ben Holder Playing Django Reinhardt
Part 8: Old Hat Jazz Band “Lady Be Good”
Part 9: Featuring Bob Dwyer’s Bix&Pieces “Ole Miss Rag”
Part 10: The Hemsby Festival All Stars
Part 11: “Can’t Buy Me Love” Ben Holder: A Touch of Beetle Mania
Part 12: Featuring Julian Marc Stringle: “Just Friends”
Part 13: Mike Owen’s Scarlett’s Serenaders “Far Away Blues”
Part 14: Tuba Skinny at Fest Jazz “Cold Morning Shout”
Part 15: Joan Chamorro with Eva Fernández “I Remember Clifford”
Part 16: 
Andrea Motis stole the show with the “Motis/Chamorro Quintet”
Part 17: Worthy Praise for Joan Chamorro & The Saint Andreu Jazz Band
Part 18: The New Orleans Zulus with Emile Van Pelt “Runnin’ Wild” for Emile! 
Part 19: Ben Holder Features Django Reinhardt

Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

(Photos & YouTubes © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz)

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