“Jazz & Jazz” is an invaluable platform for news about young bands and musicians. It’s a great way for organisers like me to know what is going on! The enthusiasm of Peter Butler is inspirational and infectious and has certainly done much to boost the reputation of Fest Jazz  beyond the boundaries of Brittany. Long may the site continue and flourish!”
Trevor Stent, Good Time Jazz

“Hi Peter, You are doing a great job promoting the real traditional jazz and we are sure many other musicians are very thankful for all the time and work you put in. Its great you are helping to promote Upton Festival as Rachel is really working hard on making this Festival a success so thanks a million. Hope to see you soon.”
Sammy and Louise Rimington (March, 2014)

“Well hey Peter, So nice to hear from you and thanks for doing the story on Sweet Substitute Jazz Band. We really appreciate it!  Thanks for all you do to support and promote this wonderful music. French Quarter Festival has been great, so many wonderful bands.”
Best, Nita Hemeter, New Orleans (April, 2014)

“Very pleased to be associated with Jazz & Jazz. It promises to be be an influential contribution not just to the UK but to any one anywhere capable of accessing it. My Old Green River Band is delighted to have the opportunity to register its gigs and geographical whereabouts and to see the results this must have for all those associated.”
Martin Bennett, The Old Green River Band

“Dear Peter, I have just looked at your site WOW ITS WONDERFUL I never knew anything about it till now, I just love the articles and those Jazz paintings are something else. I will be a regular looking at your site from now on, its very informative. It’s funny you know, but only today I got my Just Jazz Magazine and have read Pete Lay’s reply to Mick Welstead’s article on page 11, its all very interesting but also very true, so its good to now know about your site as well. Keep up the good work !!!
Brian Carrick, Algiers Stompers

“Dear Peter, You have embarked on a lonely road. There have been few people painting New Orleans musicians over the years. There was one guy named Frank Caunce … in the 1965 – 72 period who was very good but not as organised as you. So keep doing what you are doing.”
Barry Martyn, New Orleans

“I’d like to thank Peter Butler for taking time to help promote Traditional jazz. It can be a thankless task at times and sometimes end up out of pocket. He is hoping that bands would like to link his site with their own, which helps spread the word. He has been very helpful in producing the leaflet for next year’s Autumn Jazz Parade and is also helping to promote next year’s Seaside Shuffle in Ramsgate over July 6th – 8th 2012.”
Pete Lay, Gambit Jazzmen

“Dear Peter, It is great what you are already achieving. You should be able to recruit the erstwhile Ken Colyer Trust members who have stopped going to the same excellent functions run by Pete Lay. So disappointing. Ken like Humph is dead but it is important that our music live on and musicians and great occasions continue.
Edward Black

“Fantastic Peter, you’ve got a talent for capturing people! Perhaps I need to have a shave!!!”
Emile Martyn, The Fallen Heroes

“What a pleasant surprise to receive your portrait of me. It’s a very thoughtful study and the words are very touching. Your shades are always rich, always great detail on the musician and his instrument, and a personal and intimate depth of character. You see things that others don’t notice! You have a very special gift. I hope you get the recognition and rewards you deserve.”
Trefor Williams

“Your promotion and output of the jazz paintings and posters blows me away! Here I am a few months away and in my return you suddenly have this website that brings the paintings of musicians alive and vibrant. To top it off your posters are so attractive that they are bound to bring greater audiences to jazz fans and newcomers to check it all out. What a great idea to put up this website. I absolutely love the work you are doing!”
Jill Nielsen, Vancouver, Canada

“Prints of Barry Martyn and Lionel Ferbos received already! I’m delighted with them and I will take great delight in telling Barry that he has been hung. He’s a good friend.”
Fraser McCombe

“I have in my possession one large, wonderful print! I am very impressed! I must get it framed and on the wall in my study. I love the way you made my hair look – you should be a hair stylist as well.”
Burt Butler, Jazz Pilgrims

“The portrait and verse for Lionel are both wonderful! Have you been in touch with Mr Ferbos? Nina sends her regards and love and thanks you again for the print of Sammy and Sammy. I wish you much luck with your art – it is very, very interesting.”
Kathy Edegran, Palm Court, N.O.

“I took art classes enough to know how good your portraits of Dr Michael White and Gregg Stafford at The Dew Drop are! I have friends with art galleries that I think I can get to show your series. I want to help with your mission to promote jazz.”
Jinx Vidrine, Dew Drop Hall, Old Mandeville, N.O.

“Peter, Best to you in the work. I fear we may lose what is left of the jazz and blues scene, which makes your work so vital. The history is so important. I do like the style of your work.”
Rick Shaffer, “The Reds”

“Good job, I love your poems that go with your paintings. I am impressed. And I love your jazz series, so well done.”
Alston, Nevada, USA

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