The Eastside Rhythm Kings

Eastside Rhythm Kings performing live at the Gladiator Club in Oxford


Every so often Jazz&Jazz receives emails which quickly grab our attention.
This one for instance:

Hi Peter
Just helping my dad spread the word about his regular Dixieland Jazz Night in Oxford. His band is called the Eastside Rhythm Kings.

They play at the Gladiator Club on the last Tuesday of every month – and have done so for over a decade. I see that many members of the band have been referenced on Jazz&Jazz. I’d love to know how best to submit to you to build awareness of their band and/or to feature their regular nights.

Here’s a link to their website: https://www.dixieland
Please let me know if there’s anything else I can pass on to make it easier for you (eg images).

Many thanks in advance, The Steve Tucker All Star Jazz

Jazz ART Launches its Online Shop on Etsy!

Newly launched, open and ready for business, Jazz ART’s Etsy Online Shop provides a worldwide platform for artist, Peter Mark Butler’s Jazz ART.

Our link to Jazz ART on Etsy is

We have recently opened our own Jazz ART Online Shop on Etsy’s worldwide shopping platform. Here you can view and purchase many of Peter’s Fine Art Giclée prints of portraits and caricatures of musicians and bands from around the world.

The shop includes signed and numbered Fine Art Giclée prints and will also include selections of conventional digital prints and specially selected mounted and framed prints. In due course we will also release for sale over 50 of Peter’s original paintings plus original works of art that are close to 100 years old, painted by Peter’s mentor, Frederick C. Dickinson.

Jazz ART’s prints are gettig top billing on Etsy’s shop as they come up under “Etsy’s Picks”.

Our shop is called “JazzARTbyPeterButler“. Simply click on the following link and you will be there. We plan to add new items each week, so be sure to log in regularly.

However, if you don’t want to wait for your favourite painting to be launched on Etsy or if you would prefer to buy directly from us, simply click on Jazz ART in the navigation bar at the top of this page and select Jazz ART Gallery. Scroll down the page to “Index of Jazz ART” where you will find listed all the musicians and bands that Peter has portrayed over the years.

Click on your chosen portrait to reach the page which displays the painting and poem. Then email [email protected] to let him know which musician or band you are interested in and he’ll forward the relevant information and prices to you.

Any item you purchase from us directly will automatically come with a 10% Discount and you can pay for it using our Paypal Donate button in the column to the right of this article.

We found that taking the time to build our own e-commerce shop here on was proving to be too time consuming and that our best option would be to take advantage of Etsy‘s specialised online marketing facility to launch Jazz ART.

We will keep you updated via this website and on Jazzers whenever a new item is put up for sale on Etsy. This way you will have an advantage of seeing the new releases first as they become available ahead of the general public. We will also make announcements on Facebook Stories.

We hope you enjoy seeing Peter’s works of art and reading about the inspiration behind each painting and poem. They will bring back to life the memories of many jazz events, bands and musicians from the past and the wonderful times they all gave us.

Why not take a tour down memory lane now by visiting our Jazz ART Gallery?

Jazz&Jazz Launches …

On Thursday 24th November, 2022, I celebrated my 80th birthday and Ginny, my wife, urged me to promote a project I have been mulling over for years – to launch my very own online studio featuring my Jazz ART. So here goes!

Old Timers that we are, we tend to present new projects rather more sedately than in our earlier years. But the advantage of this is that now you can watch each new project grow and encourage us along the way.
To date I have painted over 50 jazz musicians and bands, many of them featured on jazz& Now they need a category of their own. I don’t get about so easily these days, but I can still film and bring jazz to you and into your homes via my Jazz ART and Jazz YouTubes.

I began painting over 65 years ago and became known for my use of vivid colours, especially for my landscapes and seascapes. I wrote a verse for each painting and compiled my Art&Verse Collection. But like so many of life’s ventures, it had to be sidelined as our family grew.

In 2008 Roger Pout, my closest friend from schooldays, reintroduced me to jazz and we attended the Hemsby Autumn Jazz Festival. I was hooked! Jazz&Jazz was launched and along came my jazz portraits and caricatures. Now it’s time to share these with you.

Here’s how you can see and enjoy JAZZ ART on my website. You might already have noticed that we have been updating the website and have changed a few things around in the navigation bar.

Jazz Bands” continues to feature Jazz Bands. So anyone who would like their bands featured should email me on: [email protected]

“Jazz Fans” has given way to the new heading “Jazz Events” where new and upcoming gigs and festivals are announced and promoted.

“Jazz Features” includes a variety of posts about jazz bands, jazz musicians and jazz in general.

In addition we have created a new category for YouTubes and videos. This will include previously produced YouTubes and newly launched Jazz&Jazz YouTubes. I will also breathe new life into older Jazz YouTubes that I feel are worth promoting again.

Next – Jazz ART!
Jazz ART is dedicated to featuring my jazz paintings. First a brief introduction, then each week a new painting will be featured. Prints of my paintings are available in two sizes – A4 and A3. They are printed on special materials including Giclée prints which are guaranteed for 75 years. In due course original paintings may also be for sale.

Under Jazz ART there will be a Jazz ART Gallery. This can also be used as an index enabling you to find any of my paintings on

Over the next few weeks and months we will take you on an online tour of my Jazz ART where you will be introduced to the musicians and bands I have painted from all over the world.

Each signed Jazz ART print captures my vivid use of colours and includes my verse reflecting the inspiration for the painting. I hope you enjoy my Jazz ART and that you will be tempted to purchase and cherish prints reflecting the joy that Jazz can bring.

Keep Jazzing!

Peter M Butler
Editor and Proprietor Jazz&

When Art&Verse Merged with Jazz&Jazz …

My visit to Mandeville’s Dew Drop Hall back in 2010
was more than magical.

It was the inspiration for two of my jazz portraits,
Barry and Emile Martin.
More than that, it was my first opportunity to present to Barry the fine art Giclée prints of a portrait I had painted of him back at The 100 Club in London, and of his son Emile on drums at “Jazz in the Barn” in Throwley, Kent, with his “Fallen Heroes”. Barry’s reaction? I will never forget it. He held up both portraits for the audience to see and declared “Peter has just given me these two remarkable portraits of myself and my son, Emile. Take a close look at them and you’ll see Emile is already going grey!”

Later Barry wrote a letter to me urging me “to keep doing what you are doing for jazz”. I’m still striving to, Barry.

I penned two poems to accompany the Giclée Prints of the portraits:

For Barry

Barry Martyn at the 100 Club
Hail to a Legend of Jazz
And showman supreme
Whose flare and pizzaz
Revived the New Orleans Dream.

This was during Barry’s very last visit to London and appearance at The 100 Club. I will never forget his departing words to his UK fans … that despite his New Orleans’ drawl he was a Londoner:
“In fact I was conceived under that grand piano!”

For Emile

Emile on Drums
Good time Jazz in deepest Kent
With New Orleans beat to turn up the heat.
Emile on drums, inspired, intense,
A Fallen Hero with the world at his feet.

Emile has since urged me to “keep doing what you are doing”.

Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

(Photos & Prints © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz)

Jazz&Jazz Portraits of Father and Son, Barry and Emile… The Martyn Maestro Drummers

My visit to Mandeville’s Dew Drop Hall
back in 2010 was 
more than magical, 
it was golden

It was the inspiration for my jazz portraits posted over the years on Jazz&Jazz – nowadays somewhat superseded by my Jazz&Jazz YouTubes.

But more than that, it was my first opportunity to present to
Barry Martyn the fine art Giclée prints of a portrait I had
painted of him at The 100 Club in London, and of his son
Emile on drums, at “Jazz in the Barn” in Throwley, Kent, with
his “Fallen Heroes”.

Barry’s reaction? I will never forget it. He held up both portraits for the audience to see and declared “Peter has just given me these two remarkable portraits of myself and my son, Emile. Take a close look at them and you’ll see Emile is already going grey!”

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As I get longer in the tooth…

I’m urged to recapture the interlude in my life when I delved into Art & Verse!

Midnight Light ©
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Jazz&Jazz Received A YouTube Boost Today!

Yours truly caught on camera filming for Jazz&Jazz YouTubes! 

Flashback to Summertime 2018 and The Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle Festival

Featuring Martin Bennett’s
Old Green River Jazz Men

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Fest Jazz Is Unique … and yet Needs Help! Here’s Why!

The cry to attract youngsters back to jazz resonates ever louder. Jazz fans, it’s happening, as is evident from many features posted here on Jazz&Jazz. Not more so than at a jazz festival in the north-west of France launched back in 2005 by English jazz musician and band leader, Trevor Stent.

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“Bei Mir Bist Du Schön” (To Me You Are Beautiful) …

Tad Newton’s Jazzfriends captivate
Scene 2 fans at Fest Jazz 2018.

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