As I get longer in the tooth…

I’m urged to recapture the interlude in my life when I delved into Art & Verse!

Midnight Light ©

Midnight Light
Five miles
Beyond the Plock of Kyle
Couched in the lea
Of Loch Carron’s Sea
Idyllic sight!
Palmed Plockton,
Slumbering in
Soft midnight light.

Picturesque Plockton on the shores of Loch Carron on west coast Scotland, bathed in the afterglow of an 11o’clock midsummer’s sunset. This once busy northern fishing village boasts Palm Trees flourishing in the shelter of surrounding mountains and a shoreline caressed by the warm waters of the Atlantic’s Gulf Stream Drift.

Peter M Butler
Editor Jazz&Jazz

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  1. Jim McIntosh says:

    What a great painting!!!

  2. Peter Butler says:

    Thank you Jim! Nowadays I’m more into filming for YouTubes but my good lady is urging me not to to forsake painting!

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