Fest Jazz Is Unique … and yet Needs Help! Here’s Why!

The cry to attract youngsters back to jazz resonates ever louder. Jazz fans, it’s happening, as is evident from many features posted here on Jazz&Jazz. Not more so than at a jazz festival in the north-west of France launched back in 2005 by English jazz musician and band leader, Trevor Stent.

Left to Right: Angelina Beauvir, Margot Flamery, Mélanie Jouet and Trevor Stent.

That festival is Fest Jazz held annually in Chateauneuf-du-Faou, Brittany. It’s unique! Why? Because it’s organised and run by an inspirational team of youngsters under Trevor Stent’s guidance. You can find out more about Fest Jazz in this earlier Jazz&Jazz feature:
Fest Jazz 2018
Introducing Trevor Stent’s Young and Inspirational Organising Team

But suddenly even Fest Jazz needs help. Here’s Why!
The festival this year was held over the summer’s only rainy weekend! Financially this proved somewhat catastrophic. On Sunday, 29th July, only 402 spectators braved the appalling wind and rain whereas in 2017 (and previous years) around 1100 enjoyed the jazz. You can help save this inspirational festival. To find out how, simply visit “Help Save Fest Jazz” .

“If you can help us save this wonderful festival, we and those who love Fest Jazz
will be forever grateful.”
Angelina Beauvir, President
Trevor Stent, Vice-president

Peter M Butler
Editor Jazz&Jazz

Don’t delay, visit “Help Save Fest Jazz” NOW!

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  1. Peter Butler says:

    Why not share your views here, Bob? But if not, I am regularly in touch with Trevor and we have discussed the situation so why not email your views to me to pass on to him. My email address is [email protected]

  2. Bob Watkins says:

    Will do Peter. Off to bed now, email you tomorrow.

  3. Peter Butler says:

    You haven’t emailed me yet, Bob – [email protected] – Trevor messaged me that he is anxious to hear from you.

  4. Paul Goddard says:

    One has to feel for the organisers, who after overcoming the initial difficulty of lacking seats in some tents on the first day, were then were badly affected by the appalling weather on Sunday. In spite of that, I enjoyed every day of the festival, and I think Trevor’s team were simply wonderful.
    Your first post on this subject drew a comment from Tad Newton, that he was organising fundraising in Northamptonshire and beyond., Tad, please can you tell us what figure you have got up to by now. I think it may by now have reached £500 – let us continue these comments on a positive note.

  5. Norm888 says:

    I know some of the minor upsets which beset me over 14 years of just running jazz evenings, with my own money and taking the risks of loss on my own wallet. The Fest Jazz team try to cover a wide range of music genres to appeal across the board. UK Festivals cost twice the price of Fest Jazz with higher accommodation costs on top. OK I didn’t like the rain this year, but I’ve been around long enough to accept the situation and darned well make the best of it. We’ve been going to Fest Jazz for a few years now and only age will bring that enjoyment to a conclusion. Norm888

  6. Paul Goddard says:

    Had a very nice Email from Angelina and Trevor thanking me for the very small contribution I made to the ‘save Fest Jazz’ fund. Thank you both.

  7. Paul Goddard says:

    Good to hear the crowd-funding worked, and Fest Jazz has been saved. Save the end of July for Fest Jazz 2019 !

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