Remembering The Hemsby Autumn Jazz Parades

“Those were the days my friend,

“We thought they’d never end”


Part 10 in the Jazz&Jazz YouTubes Series


The Hemsby Festival All Stars


See also “Sadly Jazz UK has lost yet another long established festival venue”.

The Hemsby Autumn Jazz Parade is no more. But those were wonderful weekends and it was there in 2015 that I first used my Sony Lens Camera/iPhone combo to film for YouTubes. Quite a challenge from the bar way back of the dance floor – dodging fans lining up for drinks and politely evading conversations with inquisitve fans.

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Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

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  1. JOHN RUSSELL says:

    I used to go to Hemsby with my son a few years ago, but could not afford to go in recent years ( since I am a pensioner ) However I do make videos at Electric Palace Cinema in Harwich and at Royal British Legion Hall in Bramford, Suffolk. My you tube user name is # tradjazzer # and I have about 420 video clips which have had about 36500 views. Since your website is so good I wonder if you can tell me how I could place some video clips and photos on Facebook where I have a user name too.
    thanks for your great website and I did video Sammy Rimington on 12 October in Harwich.

    cheers, have good week, John

  2. Peter Butler says:

    John, there is also a tradjazzer U.K! Your listing shows 73 subscribers and 392 videos. So I am confused about the 420 clips and 36,500 views, although there appear to be quite a few other YouTubes which may be yours, but not listed as such. I feature my YouTubes here on Jazz&Jazz and then share the posts to my Facebook locations (more than one). You should be able simply to drop the link for your YouTubes onto your Facebook page by embedding them. Go to Edit then Embed and copy and paste the link.

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