Doolally Tap Enthral 2019 Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle Festival Fans!

Nick Singer, Doolally’s Elder Statesman!

Doolally Tap always pack in the fans and raise the roof at Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle. Full of fun and mischievous character, they play with infectious energy and brilliant musicianship. Their gigs never fail to pack in the fans and raise the roof at the Small Boat Owners Club.

What better evidence than the following Jazz&Jazz YouTubes filmed at this year’s Festival. Enjoy!

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Captured for Jazz&Jazz YouTubes: Frog Island at Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle 2019 Summer Festival

Frog Island Jazz Band are always hot favourites at Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle whether at their monthly gigs or annual festivals.

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Down in Honky Tonk Town!

The Napier Jazz Band at Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle Festival, July 2019.

Napier had a frantic journey to the festival. Road closures and troublesome detours on route
including motorways.
I know! I made the same journey.
But Jazzers never say die!

Peter M Butler Editor Jazz&Jazz
(YouTube © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz)

Dave Browning’s Jazz Cats Feature Wild Bill Davidson


Featuring Dave Browning (one of the UK’s top stride pianists),
John Petters (drums), Keith Donald (bass), Jim Douglas (guitar),
Richard Exall (sax & clarinet) and Alan Beechey (trumpet)

By immense good fortune I found a niche in the crowded club to film
these YouTubes and John Petter’s absorbing reflections.

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Jazz&Jazz joyfully presents a series of Tenement Jazz Band YouTubes…

filmed at The Bedford Golf Club during their 2019 exhilarating
Spring Incursion south of the border.
Wherever they went Sassenachs were enthralled.

Paddy Darley – Trombone; John Youngs – Guitar/Banjo: Charles Dearness – Trumpet;
Tom Pickles – Saxophones; Doug Kemp – Double Bass
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Old Green River back on stage at Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle

Welcome back to Ramsgate, Old Green River!

12 Noon, Saturday 29th June

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Jazz at The Walnut with the Tenement Jazz Band

The Tenement Jazz Band hails from Edinburgh and reinforces a current vibrant resurgence of New Orleans Jazz across the UK.
They will “storm The Walnut” during their tour of England.
Be sure not to miss their New Orleans Wiggle in
The Ellington Room!

12.30pm / 3.00pm Thursday 20th June
£10 in advance: £12 on the door.

Paddy Darley: Trombone
Chuck Dearness: Trumpet
Tom Pickles:Soprano Saxophone
John Youngs: Guitar/Banjo
Simon Toner: Double Bass

The Walnut Tree Inn, Station Road, Blisworth,
Northampton, NN7 3DS

Contact Tad Newton for further details:
Tel 01604 858549
email: [email protected]

Peter M Butler
Editor Jazz&Jazz

Jazz&Jazz is grateful to Tad Newton for his reciprocal support.

Featuring The Portobello Jazz Band at Lemsford Jazz Club

On Sunday 9th June The Portobello Jazz Band ventured north of London and the South East to entertain Lemsford Jazz Club fans with jazz in the New Orleans tradition.

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Featuring the Tuba Skinny Phenomenom – A Jazz&Jazz YouTube Special


Tuba Skinny at Fest Jazz, July, 2014

“It’s no wonder that bands like Tuba Skinny, Shotgun Jazz Band, Shake ‘Em Up Jazz Band are popular, folk want to hear something different.”
(Pete Lay, June 2019 Just Jazz Magazine Editorial).

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Jazz&Jazz YouTubes Feature The Chicago Teddy Bears…

In The Ellington Room

The Walnut Tree Jazz Club

Based in Liverpool, The Teddy Bears don’t venture way down south very often so Walnut Tree fans gave them an ecstatic welcome! Here’s why!

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