Dave Rance Rockin’ Along with The Professor at Lemsford Jazz Club!


John “The Professor” Percival and his Musical Saw guesting with
Dave Rance’s Rockin’ Chair Band at Lemsford Jazz Club!

John “The Professor” Percival and Dave Rance 

“A little different from the usual jazz bands, often amusing
but always entertaining!”
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Greg Abate Features at The Walnut Tree with Tad Newton’s Jazzfriends: Wed 18th July 8 – 10.30pm

Greg Abate, jazz saxophonist, flutist, composer, international jazz/recording artist spends 150/200 days a year touring the globe. The Walnut Tree is a favourite venue on his circuit.

Greg Abate

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Count Down to Fest Jazz 2018 Announcing the Tal Ar Pont Prelude

Barely three weeks to go until the

Grand Fest Jazz launch at Tal Ar Pont

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Last Call for Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle Summer Festival …

Jazz by the Harbour and the Sea!


13th/14th/15th July
Still time to book so don’t delay
Book Now!

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Thursday, 19th July 8.00pm: Jazz at The Bedford Presents Tad Newton’s Jazzfriends with Greg Abate

Featuring special guest, the sensational USA jazz legend


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Dave Rance’s Rockin’ Chair Band Lemsford Bound Sunday 8th July


Dave Rance’s Rockin’ Chair Band play music that could be said to “dazzle and deceive”. Dave himself describes the band as “a little different from the usual jazz bands, often amusing but always entertaining!” And always intriguing! 

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Calling all Jazz&Jazz and Social Media Followers…

When I launched Jazz&Jazz back in 2009 and subsequently my related
Social Media and YouTube channels, I hadn’t anticipated that interest in my
‘Campaign for Jazz’ would reach such heights.

So much so that I’m concerned that the workload involved in keeping up with this increased online activity and the financial implications might result in the need to curtail aspects of my campaign.

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Tina May or England v Columbia – Olney Fans, Surely No Contest!

After all there will be no replays of

Tina with the Mike Gorman Trio!

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Olney Jazz Club Presents Tina May & The Mike Gorman Trio…

Tuesday 3rd July 8.00pm


A welcome return to one of the UK’s top vocalists, accompanied by her trio comprising
Mike Gorman (keys), Arnie Samogyi (bass) and Ronnie Fenn (drums).
Tickets available now – £12 or £10 in advance.

Tickets (and food table bookings) are available from the Carlton House Club,
High St, Olney, MK46 4BB
Tel. 01234 711348 or Phonebox magazine at Stanley Court, Olney
£12 or £10 in advance.

(Alan Haughton, Organiser)

Sunday 10th June: Lemsford Jazz Club Welcomes Back Christine’s Stackyard Stompers

Surefire Jazz in Lemsford Village!

John Picket and Christine Woodcock

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