Facing up to Facebook

A close friend and long time follower of Jazz&Jazz recently lamented on the current paucity of features on the site. He presumed it might be due to the ongoing shut down of live jazz due to Cobid19.

Not so! A key to the problem is the rapacious omnipresence of Facebook. How so? Simply put, besides my personal Facebook Page I have also launched a Facebook Group entitled “Jazz&Jazzers / Celebrating the Joy of Jazz”. Popularity of the Group has shot up with 1,600 members and counting.

So as of now, my intention is to focus on and lure fans to this, my home site, Jazz&Jazz.com. In recent years I have filmed a series of YouTubes featuring a wide range of jazz bands and musicians. But I have become so entrapped by the easy accessibility of jazz on Facebook that I have sidestepped presenting them here on Jazz&Jazz.com. So much so that to date I have released only 56 of over 400 of my Jazz&Jazz YouTubes.

This has to change!

beginning with:
YouTube No 57 in the Jazz&Jazz Covid 19 Blackout Buster Series

“SOUTH!” (Bennie Moten): The Tenement Jazz Band

During their Spring 2019 tour south of the border, Edinburgh’s
Tenement Jazz Band played at a Tad Newton Jazz Evening at Bedford Golf Club.
In addition to “South” their repertoire included a series of tuneful but
little know numbers.

Paddy Darley – Trombone
Charles Dearness – Trumpet
Tom Pickles – Saxophones
John Youngs – Guitar/Banjo
Doug Kemp – Double Bass

Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

(YouTube © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz)

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