Facebook! Friend or Foe?

I launched my Jazz&Jazz Facebook Page some years ago. My intention? Primarily to feature and promote the contents of, and further the reach of jazz&jazz.com. It has helped. All the more so since adding my Facebook Jazzers Group. But recently Facebook has become top dog with Jazz&Jazz demoted to the wings.

One of my major Jazz&Jazz supporters recently emailed me: “I know everything has come to a near stop as far as jazz is concerned, but, on my frequent visits to your site, I have noticed it is rather spasmodic and quieter than I’ve been used to. I trust this is just down to the current situation we are all in.”

Norman, you may have hit the nail on the head. But this need not and should not be so.

Promotional opportunities lost!
Yes, along with the many members of my Facebook Jazzers Group, I have been featuring and promoting reams of jazz on Facebook. But this has been at the expense of current features here on Jazz&Jazz. Promotional opportunities lost!

A solution to this during the Covid19 Shut Down is to feature more, many more, of my Jazz&Jazz YouTubes here on Jazz&Jazz. I have let this lapse, so entangled have I become in Facebook and my Facebook Jazzers Group.

Facebook can be an encumbrance. It doesn’t get down to the nitty gritty possible here on jazz&jazz.com.

So my plea! Even though I use Social Media to highlight items, I urge fans and enthusiasts to comment in “Speak Your Mind” here on Jazz&Jazz rather than on, or maybe as well as, the Social Media links.

Obviously I will continue to use Social Media. But with increased discretion. I need to get back to spending serious time posting features here on Jazz&Jazz rather than allow Social Media to distract me or my followers.

Jazz&Jazz first and then my Facebook Jazzers Group!

Currently Covid19 prevents me from filming but fans can follow my Jazz&Jazz YouTubes at:

Please, help the cause with positive feedback to this and other posts in Comments below. Thank you for your patience and continued support.

Peter M Butler
Editor Jazz&Jazz

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  1. norman says:

    I’m glad i decided not to get involved with FB, I’ve seen too many friends waste their valuable time blabbing mostly useless, and often personal, stuff on there. But how do I know this if I’m not on it ? – it’s because the grandkids occasionally insist on showing me ! Norman

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