Waistcoat A-sparkle, Trombone Ablaze…


Tony Cunningham

Tony Cunningham

With a waistcoat like that, just how could I resist accepting Tony Cunningham’s commission to paint his portrait on trombone. Thank you for the opportunity Tony and for the wonderful session with Jazz Revisited at Lemsford Jazz Club.

Tony Cunningham Trombonist
Waistcoat a’sparkle
Trombone ablaze
A glint in his eyes
His jazz fans amazed.


With Jazz Revisited at Lemsford Jazz Club

With Jazz Revisited at Lemsford Jazz Club

Sam Hall’s “Jazz Revisited” at Lemsford Jazz Club, Hertfordshire.
Sam Hall (bjo); Dave Arnold (dms); John Bayne (bass sax); Dave Marchant (tpt);
Chris Rundle (bass); Tony Cunningham (tbn); Cliff Davy (pno)

Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

(Photos & YouTube © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz)

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YouTube: “Royal Garden Blues” at Lemsford Jazz Club



Sam Hall’s “Jazz Revisited” at Lemsford Jazz Club, Hertfordshire, Sunday, 5th April, 2015.
Sam Hall (bjo); Dave Arnold (dms); John Bayne (bass sax); Dave Marchant (tpt);
Chris Rundle (bass); Tony Cunningham (tbn); Cliff Davy (pno)

Photo & YouTube © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz

Jazz Revisited! Sunday Lunchtime at The Peartree

The Peartree Jazz Club, Welwyn Garden City, is introducing Sunday lunchtime gigs. The first is this coming Sunday, 16th March, with Jazz Revisited. Meals will be available and drinks are reasonably priced! So why not join us and enjoy a full session of New Orleans jazz
from 12.30 until 3.30.

Then in April and May Club gigs alternate between Sundays and Mondays. Full details on the flyer below plus contact information.

JazzRevisited2014WTony Cunningham, trombone, has recently joined Jazz Revisited.



I pen poems for my jazz portraits and personally produce and hand sign my Jazz&Jazz Fine Art Giclée Prints. I happily accept commissions for jazz paintings and jazz portraits from bands and musicians, and especially from fans who might have their favourites. A fine art print of the painting and poem is offered along with each commissioned acrylic jazz painting.

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Completed commissions include:

Pete Smith on Sousaphone

Dave Arnold on Drums

Christine of The Stackyard Stompers

Laurie Fray on Clarinet captured in a stunning rendition of Burgundy Street Blues

Rance’s Rockin’ Chair Band

Ray Colyer on Trumpet

Bob Thomas on Trumpet

John Pickett on Trumpet

Laurie Palmer on Drums

Tony Cunningham Trombonist

The following portraits were presented to the musicians during the 2011 Autumn Jazz Parade in Hemsby, Norfolk:

Annie Hawkins
Chris Tyle
Johnny Rodgers

To view a selection of portraits completed either for the launch of the Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle Festival in July, 2011, or commissioned during the festivals since, go to Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle Jazz Portraits.

Peter M Butler
Artist, Editor & Proprietor, Jazz&Jazz


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Amy Roberts on Saxophone

Amy Roberts and Adrian Cox

Annie Hawkins on Bass

Barry Martyn at the 100 Club

Brian Smith, Washboard Rhythm King

Betty Renz Steels the Show

Bob Thomas on Trumpet

Burt Butler on Banjo

Chris Marchant on Drums

Chris Tyle on Cornet

Christine Woodcock on Trombone

Cuff Billet on Trumpet

Dave Arnold on Drums 

Dave Bartholomew at The Palm Court, New Orleans

Dave Rance’s Rockin’ Chair Band

Dom Pipkin Pumps Piano

Dr Michael White and Gregg Stafford

Emile Martyn on Drums

Emile Van Pelt and Eric Webster

Esther O’Connor, Songstress Supreme

Gerry Birch on Sousaphone

Grand Marshall Jimbo Heads the Parade

Hugh Masekela

Ivan Gandon on Saxophone

Jim Hurd and John Whitehead, Frog Islanders

John Pickett on Trumpet 

Johnny Rodgers on Saxophone

Laurie Fray on Clarinet

Laurie Palmer on Drums

Lionel Ferbos, Louisiana Jazz Legend

Mike Pointon on Trombone

Pete Lay on Drums

Pete Smith on Sousaphone

Ray Colyer on Trumpet

Sammy Rimington & Amy Roberts Saxophone Duet

Sam Weller and Mark Alexander of Vocalion

Trefor Williams on Double Bass

Tim Curtis on Sousaphone

Tony Cunningham on Trombone

Big Bill Bissonnette

Leroy Jones at Donnas Bar 2010

Tony O’Sullivan on Trumpet


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