Double Take: Jazz Portrait of Adrian Cox on Sax and Clarinet

Double Take: Acrylic Jazz Portrait of Adrian Cox

Jazz painting capturing two distinctive stage profiles of a young Adrian Cox enthralling jazz fans in star performances – on saxophone, hauntingly silhouetted by the stage lighting – and on clarinet, in contrasting full spotlight – at the 2009 Ken Colyer Trust Autumn Jazz Parade in Hemsby, Norfolk.

I’ve got to know Adrian well through his scintillating performances with
T J Johnson, guesting with The Fallen Heroes as well as Barry Martyn and the Young Bloods at the 100 Club and at the 2009 and 2010 Autumn Jazz Parades in Hemsby, Norfolk. More recently I’ve filmed him performing with “The Adrian Cox Quartet” at The Crypt, St Martin in the Fields, London.

No matter what the occasion he is always stops to chat and he undoubtedly charms the ladies. Adrian featured in the 2010 British Jazz Awards on clarinet and double takes on saxophone with true star quality. Pity I missed him at Ronnie Scott’s recently but I always look forward
to getting together with him.

Fine art print of jazz painting of Adrian Cox.

Double Take

Teasing the high notes, caressing the low,
Fingers aflow, instruments aglow,
As Adrian beguiles with hypnotic solos.
Sax and clarinet in a virtual duet.

I write a poem with each of my fine art prints of jazz musician portraits and Adrian’s improvisations on clarinet and saxophone inspired Double Take. Equally I could have entitled the poem “Take Two”.

Fine Art Giclée Prints of this portrait are available, with or without my descriptive poem. Simply email: [email protected] to place your order and help support jazz.

Oswestry Bound? Visit The Ironworks and take in The Chicago Swing Katz!

The Chicago Swing Katz: L/R: Derek Harrison, Keyboard; Jeff Matthews, Clarinet; Gary Foote, Drums; Pete Ainge, Trumpet; Dave Margaroni, Double Bass; Andrew Mackenzie, Trombone; Barry Edwards, Guitar.

A six piece band, The Chicago Swing Katz play New Orleans Traditional Jazz and great numbers from the Swing era but with a bias towards Eddie Condon’s Chicago style Jazz.

Band Leader Jeff Matthews

Set up in 2010 by Jeff Matthews, the band has a conventional ‘trad’ line up – Trumpet: Pete Ainge; Trombone: Andrew Mackenzie; Clarinet/Sax: Jeff Matthews; Keyboard: Derek Harrison; Double Bass: Dave Margaroni; Drums: Mike Carnie/Bill Buck/Steve Foote. And when available, our highly talented young musician, Barry Edwards on guitar.

Pete Ainge

The Swing Katz play monthly at their Ironworks club in Oswestry, Shropshire, so if you should be in the area, be sure to drop by and enjoy the fun with their enthusiastic fans. Live jazz, great entertainment!

Meantime, why not visit their website at:

Thanks, Jeff, for the plug in your Club Newsletter .

Oswestry Jazz, January/February, 2013

January 20th 
The Chicago Swing Jazz Katz are back at the Ironworks, Oswestry
for their monthly Sunday afternoon session (£4)

January 30th there will be an open Jam session with local bassist Mick Holford and friends
at ‘the Golden Lion’, 8.30pm (free) 

February 4th The weekly Sessions at The Griffin, Oswestry start again,
every Monday from 8.30pm (free entry.) 

For more info on any of theses events or to subscribe to the mailing list contact
Barry Edwards at [email protected]

Jazz ART Gallery

Welcome to my Jazz ART Gallery. Below you will find an alphabetical list of all of my current jazz portraits and prints. Each painting is hyperlinked to a Special Feature about the musicians and bands appearing on this website.

The Feature article highlights the key facts about each musician at the time the portrait was painted. It also displays the painting, the Fine Art Giclée print and the verse. And it gives the reason why I chose to paint this particular musician or band and the inspiration behind the painting, as well as where and when the picture was first conceived.

For every portrait, I penned a poem putting into verse or prose the emotions I felt at the time. The only way to capture the emotive feelings of being in the presence of our truly wonderful musicians was to illustrate visually in vivid colour, through the medium of my choice and the strokes of my brush, the emotions that I felt in a split second of time. To then put those feelings into words, I chose to write a verse. The two are inseparable, Art and Verse, but how can they be displayed together? The solution – creating Fine Art Giclée prints was the way I chose to bring these moments to life for you to enjoy.

I hope you will take the time to explore my Jazz ART as you troll through my website. And if you also like landscapes and seascapes, then I must introduce you to Art&Verse where there are over 100 paintings, each with their own poem that I produced over 30 years ago.

If you would like to purchase any of my works – prints and/or original paintings or would like to know more about them and what I do, please email me at [email protected], I look forward to hearing from you.


A selection of my Jazz ART signed A4 and A3 Fine Art Giclée Prints, digital prints and original paintings are FOR SALE. They come with a special Certificate of Authenticity. To purchase any prints and/or paintings, please contact Peter Butler at [email protected] and I’ll reply by return.

I am in the process of putting my own Jazz ART online store on Etsy and will add a hyperlink to their site as soon as the store goes live. Thank you for taking time to visit my website and my Jazz ART Gallery.

Adrian Cox
Double Take

Amy Roberts & Adrian Cox
“Reeds in Duet”

Amy Roberts on Saxophone
“Amy’s Got Rhythm”

Annie Hawkins
“Annie on Bass

Barry Martyn
“Barry Martyn at The 100 Club”

Betty Renz
“Betty Renz Steels the Show”

Big Bill Bissonnette
“Alias B3”

Bob Thomas
“Bob Thomas of Thomcat Fame”

Brian Smith
Washboard Rhythm King”

Burt Butler
“Burt on Banjo”

Chris Marchant
“Sublime on Drums!”

Chris Tyle on Cornet
Head Honcho with Style

Christine Woodcock on Trombone
“Mysterious Lady”

Cuff Billet
“Cuff Billet on Trumpet”

Dave Arnold on Drums
“The Clash of the Cymbals, The Beat of the Drums”

Dave Bartholomew at The Palm Court,
New Orleans
“Let the Good Times Roll!”

Dave Rance’s Rockin’ Chair Band
“Let it Rip, Dave!”

Dom Pipkin
“Dom Pipkin Pumps Piano”

Dr Michael White

Emile Martyn 
“Emile on Drums”

Emile Van Pelt and Eric Webster
“Honky Tonk Time”

Esther O’Connor
“Esther Enthralls Her Fans”

Frederic John
“Frederic John on Trombone”

Jim Hurd & John Whitehead
“Frog Islanders!”

Gerry Birch on Sousaphone
“Jazz at The George”

Gordon Lawrence

Grand Marshall Jimbo Heads the Parade
“Good Time Jazz”

Gregg Stafford
“He Der Man!”

Hugh Masekela
“The Coal Train”

Ivan Gandon on Saxophone
“A Very Mean Sax”

John Pickett on Trumpet
“Plays Trumpet for Recreation”

Johnny Rodgers on Saxophone
“Passion Personified”

Joshua & Sandra Walker
“Neighbours Well Met”

Katja Toivola on trombone at Donna’s Bar, New Orleans

Keith Minter
Measured Beat and Rolling Peal

Laurie Fray on Clarinet
“The Pinnacle of Passion”

Laurie Palmer on Drums
“Drums on the Prom”

Leroy Jones at Donnas Bar 2010
“Keeper of the Flame”

Lionel Ferbos, Louisiana Jazz Legend
“Long live Jazz, Long live Lionel Ferbos”

Mike Pointon on Trombone
The Trombonist

Pete Lay
“Pete Lay on Drums”

Pete Smith on Sousaphone
“Come Join the Parade”

Ray Colyer on Trumpet
“Take it away, Ray”

Roger Nicholls & Pat Elms
“A Strummin’ and a Drummin’”

Sam Weller & Mark Alexander of Vocalion
“Trombone and Drums”

Sammy Rimington on Clarinet
“The Clarinetist”

Sammy Rimington
Take Two Sammys

Sammy Rimington & Amy Roberts Saxophone Duet
Eyes on the Master

The Fallen Heroes – Tony Rico, Paul Bonner & Ben Martyn
“Sax, Trumpet and Bass”

Tim Curtis on Sousaphone
“Tim on Tuba”

Tony Cunningham on Trombone
“Tony Cunningham Trombonist”

Tony O’Sullivan on Trumpet
“Spotlight on the Trumpet”

Trefor Williams on Double Bass
“Double Bass Ace”

Let Adrian Make Your Day with Clarinet Marmalade!

Adrian Cox (clarinet), Joe Webb (piano), Gethin Jones (drums), Simon Read (double bass).

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Capacity Fans For Adrian Cox’s “Profoundly Blue” in Beds & Northants


Adrian, Gethin, Joe and Simon top the bill this month (January, 2016) in the
Jazz&Jazz Campaign to feature great young jazz bands and musicians.

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Tune For Today: Adrian Cox “Lady Be Good”


I’ve decided to launch a series of occasional Jazz&Jazz features called “Tune For Today” recapping selections from my Jazz&Jazz YouTubes. So to get you in the mood, here is the first, presenting the incredibly talented and amiable Adrian Cox.

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Jazz at The Walnut Tree with The Tenement Jazz Band

Down south from Edinburgh, the dynamic
Tenement Jazz Band are sure to liven up the
Walnut Tree’s Ellington Room with their
old style New Orleans music.

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Recently I’ve been asking “Why Jazz&Jazz”? Why spend hours of my time producing Jazz&Jazz when there are a myriad other websites featuring Jazz? 

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“I Cover The Waterfront”: Featuring Dave Blenkhorn on Guitar

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Welcome to the July Olney Jazz Club Newsletter

Three unmissable sessions at Olney Jazz Club in
July, September and October!

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