Recently I’ve been asking “Why Jazz&Jazz”? Why spend hours of my time producing Jazz&Jazz when there are a myriad other websites featuring Jazz? 

Please take time to read this post and then share your opinions in “Speak Your Mind”.

I share my Jazz&Jazz features on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc) to draw more followers to the site and add impact to my campaign for jazz. When I launched Jazz&Jazz back in 2010, claims were made that jazz had had its day. Quite the opposite! Right now we are enjoying a remarkable jazz revival. Younger bands are making their mark – followed by increasing numbers of enthusiastic younger fans.

I feature them on Jazz&Jazz because Jazz&Jazz is dedicated to
helping keep jazz

But as Jazz&Jazz coverage widens and increases in quality as well as quantity, so do costs – travel, photography, filming videos, subscriptions, booking and ticket prices. In earlier days I featured selections of my jazz portraits on Jazz&Jazz, sales of which were intended to help cover expenses. These have been superseded by my Jazz&Jazz YouTubes.

Jazz&Jazz YouTubes Masthead

Jazz&Jazz YouTubes
My YouTube Channel operates alongside JazzandJazz.com, dedicated to promoting jazz for Bands, Musicians and Fans.
The overal aim is to:   

1. Raise the profile of and develop a sounding board for jazz by inviting bands, musicians and fans to share news and views about the jazz scene. 

2. Capture, share and promote the unique ethos of the current jazz revival by featuring the bands, musicians, clubs and festivals involved. 

3. Focus on the vitality of younger, emerging stars and on the inexhaustible exuberance of new bands on the jazz circuit.  

4. Galvanise jazz fans everywhere to join forces in the jazz revival and especially to warmly welcome young fans to swing along with happy jazz.

To date I have produced 1,180 plus Jazz YouTubes. The vast majority are featured on my
Jazz&Jazz YouTube Site
which has over 1,700 subscribers, increasing by the day. Please take time to explore the YouTubes.
Meantime here is a random selection.

I filmed The New Orleans Swamp Donkeys at The Duke of Cumberland, Whitstable, Kent, during their UK “Brexit Hot Jazz Tour”.
“Prelude to a Kiss” The Adrian Cox Quartet
Adrian Cox (clarinet) Joe Webb (piano) Gethin Jones (drums) Simon Read (double bass) celebrating the music of Louisiana born clarinetist Edmond Hall based on his 1941 hit album “Profoundly Blue”. Filmed for Jazz&Jazz YouTubes at The Walnut Tree Jazz Club, Blisworth.
Kim Cypher, Saxophonist, Vocals and Composer at Olney Jazz Club, April, 2019.

Frog & Henry at The Walnut Tree Jazz Club, Blisworth, touring the UK after their striking success at Fest Jazz, 2018.

A Fest Jazz 2018 Special: New Orleans’
“Shake ’em Up Jazz Band

The Walnut Tree Jazz Club presents France’s Old Chaps Jazz Band.

Flashback to Thursday, 4th December, 2014, when I filmed Sammy Rimington at The Black Bottom Club, Northampton, along with Finlay Milne, Mike Owen, John Richardson, Brian Harding, Colin Richardson and Ivor Johnson. ‘Marie’ is a 1928 Irving Berlin song.
Scotland’s Tenement Jazz Band at Bedford Golf Club on their first tour south of Hadrian’s Wall.
Doolally Tap at Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle: John O’Neill – Clarinet/Soprano sax/Vocals;
Nick Singer – Banjo/Vocals; Titch Walker Trumpet/Vocals; Tom Briers – Sousaphone;
David Lalljee – Trombone/Vocals.

Jazz&Jazz Portraits

Jonny Boston commented:
“Lovely painting of a lovely chap!” 

Two of my favourite portraits. Above, Trefor Williams
Left, Christine Woodcock.

Over the years I have painted a series of Jazz Portraits which preceded my YouTubes.
A favourite is my portrait of Trefor Williams, such a close friend sadly recently deceased, who persistently encouraged me to keep painting! https://www.jazzandjazz.com/2011/08/double-bass-ace/
You can find more of my portraits and YouTubes if you delve into:
“Jazz Art & YouTubes & Gripping Yarns.”


As Jazz&Jazz coverage increases in quality and quantity so do expenses – travel, photography, software & hardware, videos, subscriptions, booking and ticket prices. Plus wear and Tear!

CONTRIBUTIONS to help cover costs are therefore always hugely appreciated. You can use the Donate button in the column to the right or email: [email protected]


Funding Requested Announcements
Over the years Jazz&Jazz has received requests from Jazz Clubs, Bands and Musicians for special features and announcements about forthcoming functions. Until now I have happily complied and also shared the Jazz&Jazz features on Social Media. In return I have asked for voluntary contributions towards costs, unfortunately with sparse responses. So as of the release of this post (October, 2019), contributions towards the costs of preparing and sharing such online announcements will be required via the
Donate Button
(top of the column to the right) prior to publication.

Full Page Announcement: £80.00
Half Page Announcement: £40.00
Quarter Page Announcement: £25.00

Jazz&Jazz Social Media Links

Jazz&Jazz is represented on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and YouTubes.
But rather than comment in Social Media, I urge fans and followers to post their comments here on Jazz&Jazz. Below each post there is there is a section headed Speak Your Mind” where you can express your views and fellow fans can respond in context. My aim is to to boost such exchanges in the specific context of each post where they will not sink down lists and a welter of comments on posts such as those on Facebook.

Facebook Jazzers Group
NB: My Jazzers Group has approaching 1,300 members from around the world. As Administrator I need to spend time every day keeping a watchful eye on and responding to submissions, ensuring they are relevant and in good taste. This can be time consuming.


Jazz&Jazz Accolades

Tim Wacher recently wrote to me: “I would truly like to endorse all the really excellent and time consuming work you undertake in promoting jazz on your Jazz&Jazz website. I and many others greatly appreciate the long hours of very hard endeavour you carry out in ensuring Jazz&Jazz survives and thrives. You certainly deserve much wide coverage and support. I am enclosing a cheque as a small appreciation of all your wonderful work
and achievement.”

Martin Bennett messaged: “Very glad to subscribe to your fundraising. Thoroughly enjoy all Jazz&Jazz has to offer. If I can be in any way helpful
to keep it up and running then count me in!”

Chris Hodgkins stressed: “It’s hard rattling the begging bowel for your own activity. Perhaps once you get the ball rolling you could ask for a volunteer. In fact there is no harm in asking for volunteers to do specific tasks.”

Surely what’s good for The Guardian is good for Jazz&Jazz!

Frequently I stumble across online fundraisers for various organisations and causes. From charities, political parties, and even news media. This from The Guardian Newspaper particularly caught my eye: “We need your support to to keep delivering quality journalism” and “we have a small favour to ask our readers – Support The Guardian from as little as £1 – it only takes a minute. Thank You.”

So how about it, followers of Jazz&Jazz and my Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin pages. Just £1 from each and every one of you – or £5 from a significant number of you – would help build a fighting fund for Jazz&Jazz. My Facebook Jazzers Group has a worldwide following of over 1,250 members and my YouTube Channel has over 1,700 subscribers.

In Conclusion

I aim to allocate as much time as possible to filming and producing Jazz&Jazz YouTubes featuring bands and musicians, Jazz Clubs, Festivals, Parades and special events. With Google’s support this could lead to a desperately needed source of income to fund my Campaign for Jazz.

Thank you all for your patience. Your support is massively appreciated.

Peter M Butler
Editor, JazzandJazz.com

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  1. Brian says:

    Peter, set up a payment system and a £5 donation will be on its way to you. Keep up the good work.

  2. Peter Butler says:

    Thank you, Brian, for the offered donation and your encouraging comment. You can use the yellow donate button top of the right hand column. It’s says donate to Art&Verse because I set it up for the sale of fine art prints of my jazz paintings and I haven’t got round to updating it yet.

  3. Pail says:

    We need to keep jazz and jazz and jazz and jazz ….
    In the for front of the music world. Listening and
    playing jazz gives a release and freedom from
    the humdrum of lives that are trapped in the
    weariness of day to day life we all strive through.

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