Fest Jazz 2017 Beckons! Fun, Festive, French! Featuring International Bands!


Fest Jazz, Châteauneuf-du-Faou, the young at heart festival
everyone is talking about.

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Fest Jazz 2017 28th – 30th July: Phenomenal Fun, Festive Jazz, International Stars! On the banks of The Aulne in Brittany! Book Early!

Fest Jazz is a young at heart festival that has been making waves in the jazz world for some years now!

Set on the banks of the River Aulne at Châteauneuf-du-Faou, one of the prettiest corners of Brittany, it attracts artists and fans from around the world. The atmosphere is relaxed and convivial with a great mixture of nationalities and generations. And there are swing dancers everywhere!

It is a young at heart festival with a young management team, young artists, a wonderful mix of nationalities and generations as well as a programme which presents jazz at its dynamic best.

No pretensions, no elitism, no rows of bejewelled bourgeoisie clapping politely as another “past their best diva” goes through the motions on stage! Fest Jazz is a festival where young and old, French, English and a host of other nationalities come together for a weekend long party.

As at every Fest Jazz there is a mix of music styles and plenty of young, exciting traditional style bands. Even more so this year and here’s how!

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Fest Jazz 2017 Early Bird Tickets On Sale Until 23rd January

The Fest Jazz Team

The 2016 Fest Jazz Team. Expect another enthusiastic and youthful team in 2017


Friday 28th – Sunday 30th July

Book Your Early Bird Tickets NOW!

After last year’s record breaking twelfth edition of Fest Jazz, we can reveal the first bands and stars booked for Fest Jazz 2017.

This young at heart festival, set in the depths of the beautiful Brittany countryside, attracts artistes and fans from around the world! The atmosphere is relaxed and convivial with a wide range of nationalities and generations. And there are swing dancers everywhere!

Many in the jazz world are talking about Fest Jazz as the “new wave festival”. Why not come and see for yourself and join in the fun?  “Early Bird” tickets will be on sale until 23rd January – just 50€ for a weekend stroller ticket giving access to all venues. For a couple, that’s a saving of at least 18€ on the normal price. Tickets can be purchased online at http://www.fest-jazz.com/tickets. The page is in English.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email: contact@fest-jazz.com.

What better way to shake off the winter blues!

Meanwhile Some 2017 Programme Tasters!

Gunhild Carling
Gunhild Carling is one of our era’s most celebrated jazz stars.  She plays around 20 instruments and her dancing has to be seen to be believed!  She combines her extraordinary virtuoso skills with elements of vaudeville flamboyance that will take your breath away. In the last few months she has played in Argentina, Central Park New York, Seoul, Las Vegas, Israel, Bangkok and now Châteauneuf-du-Faou!  An unforgettable Fest Jazz scoop.

Second Line Jazz Band
One of the most popular New Orleans style bands in Europe, the Second Line Jazz Band from Sweden was formed in 1989. Original improvisations and arrangements and a tremendous intensity in their playing have given them opportunities to perform at many jazz clubs and festivals, as well as on TV and radio in, for example, England, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, and now Brittany!

Agathe Iracema Quartet
A young Franco-Brazilian singer who mixes intimate bossa nova melodies with explosive samba rhythms and Brazilian jazz. One of the most sought after young stars in French Jazz today.

Les Sweet Peppers
Fest Jazz prides itself in finding new, young, New Orleans style bands each year. Les Sweet Peppers frm Montpelier in the south of France are very much in this tradition.  Have a look at their new video …

A young acapella  group from the Paris region. What talent and what French charm!

The Dorine de Wit Band with Jamie Brownfield,  Jack Cottrell and Tom Kinkaid
Well known to the UK jazz world, Dorine’s group was a sensation at Fest Jazz 2016 and we just had to invite them back in 2017.  They are playing throughout the weekend and will again be hugely popular.

All this just for starters! The rest of the programme (over 100 musicians) will be revealed
in the New Year!

Thank you Angelina Beauvir, Trevor Stent and the entire Fest Jazz Team for again selecting Jazz&Jazz to help promote your brilliant Brittany Festival.

Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

French Rag Stars of Fest Jazz 2016 Planning an October/November 2017 UK Tour


It was a privilege to film French Rag at Fest Jazz 2016. They not only won the Battle of Jericho, they won the hearts and minds of the discerning Fest Jazz fans, including mine.

And now they plan to win hearts and minds in the UK with a 2017 tour.
So, more about the band.

First the eight piece line up:

Mickaël Knockaert (Trumpet/Bugle)
Gordon Ortenzio (Sax)
Constant Sajaloli (T-bone)
Vincent Evrard (Guitar/Banjo)
Antoine Rivière (Guitar/Banjo)
Jonas Umbdenstock (Double Bass)
Marc Devillers (Washboard)
Marc-Antoine Moercant (Drums)

French Rag play with a joyful and explosive energy drawn from the deepest origins of jazz! On their website they describe themselves as “The French Rag Old School Jass Band” and immediately follow up that description with this amazing YouTube:

Another French Rag teaser – notice especially their young fans and the dancers:

Plus “The French Rag aux Paris Follies de la Coupole”

Thanks go to Marc Devillers for sending me these impressive YouTubes in preparation for
French Rag’s 2017 UK Tour
scheduled from Friday 27 October until Sunday, 5th November.

This is a great opportunity for UK Jazz Clubs and promoters to get in on the act. One promoter with connections to this website has already made an offer. French Rag would be sure to add a new dimension to Jazz UK – and who knows, fastidiously promoted they could well appeal to many younger fans.

Register Your Interest
So, UK Jazz Clubs, Venues and Promoters, here’s how to register your interest. Address enquiries direct to French Rag by email to Marc Devillersdev_marco@yahoo.fr – preferably copied to me at: peter@jazzandjazz.com. Views and options could also be submitted in “Speak Your Mind” below.

Surely an opportunity not to be missed!

Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

French Rag on Facebook

Olney Jazz Club April Newsletter Announces Three Great Shows

Hello Jazz Lovers

Welcome to the OJC April Newsletter

Yet again our programme includes three great gigs featuring
top musicians!
Read on!

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Featuring Jazz&Jazz On Social Media


The current Facebook Jazzers Group Masthead features Tuba Skinny.

Social Media is increasingly integral to successfully promoting jazz, including this Jazz&Jazz website. So its time to update earlier posts about Jazz&Jazz Social Media links. And what better way than to feature them here on Jazz&jazz as well as on my
Facebook Jazzers Group.


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Jazz&Jazz is privileged to share The National Jazz Archive’s March 2017 Newsletter

Welcome to our March 2017 Newsletter

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Olney Jazz Club Is Steaming! Another Full House in March. Be sure to book Early for April and May!

Hello Jazz Lovers


Welcome to the OJC March Newsletter


Yet more great and varied gigs coming up featuring top musicians!
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“Sixty-five Years Listening to Jazz” (Just Jazz Magazine)

“Sixty-five Years Listening to Jazz” by Ted Griffin caught my eye in the March edition of
Just Jazz. Well worth a read and here are a few extracts.

Ottilie Patterson

“… I might have missed out on some visitors from across the Pond, but there was always the consolation of going to The Royal Festival Hall to hear … Chris Barber with Ottilie Patterson. I was not the only one to be amazed  that this petite, attractive, willow of a girl could produce such a magnificent blues voice, a voice, what was more, that carried such a depth of feeling. Seeing her from the cheapest seats where I sat, it was as if it were just a child upon the stage … to my mind, nobody on this side of the Atlantic has ever equalled Ottilie for the real blues … Bessie Smith in a double reincarnation.

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Introducing “Lula Jazz Band”

“The classy and enjoyable sounds of jazz with Lula Jazz Band will enhance your event!”

Matthew Bason (piano); Paul Taverna (sax); Danilo Palazzese (drums); Richard Clarke (guitar) Jamie Wilkins (bass); AND “our energetic and passionate singer Vilija Leitanaitė”

Vilija Leitanaitė

Lula Jazz Band emailed me: “Hi Peter we a jazz band based in Milton Keynes and we were wondering if you could list us on your website. Here you can find a our social network pages and website. Please let me know what we require in order to be listed.”

So, Lula, let’s begin by simply introducing you to Jazz&Jazz followers.

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