Live Jazz at The Hollybush…

Hosted by The Redbourn Jazz Club

Posted courtesy of Dan Lucken
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Sara Dowling Live at Olney Jazz Club: 8.00pm Tuesday, 1st October

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The Ivy House Goes a Little Doolally

Doolally Tap

Full of fun and contagious presentation, Doolalley Tap’s foot stomping live shows take fans by storm. It was a delight to film them on “home turf” – at their spiritual home,
The Ivy House, SE London, Sunday, 15th September.

Granddaughter LeighAnna and her partner Olly joined Ginny and me.
They live close by and will be back!

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Introducing Germany’s Jungle Jazz Band

Launched in Germany earlier this year, “The Jungle Jazz Band”,
a veritable newcomer on European jazz circuits,
is quickly making its mark.

The Jungle Jazz Band

“In the Jungle” are Laurent Humeau (Trumpet), Eldar Tsalikov (Reeds, Vocal), Carlos Santana (Trombone, Vocal), François Perdriau (Drums, Cymbals, Cow Bell, Wood Block),
Quentin Bardi (Banjo) and Jack Butler (Soussa).
Jack has played with Frog and Henry. 

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Christine’s Stackyard Stompers Make a Welcome Return to Lemsford Jazz Club

Sunday, 8th September, 2019: 1.00 / 4.00pm

John Picket on trumpet in duet with Christine on trombone.
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Doolally Tap Enthral 2019 Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle Festival Fans!

Nick Singer, Doolally’s Elder Statesman!

Doolally Tap always pack in the fans and raise the roof at Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle. Full of fun and mischievous character, they play with infectious energy and brilliant musicianship. Their gigs never fail to pack in the fans and raise the roof at the Small Boat Owners Club.

What better evidence than the following Jazz&Jazz YouTubes filmed at this year’s Festival. Enjoy!

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