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As Editor and Publisher of Jazz&Jazz I have to admit to deserting my post in recent months and falling under the spell of Facebook.

The problem lies with the all pervasive worldwide Covid19 affliction and the cruel spell it has cast over every day life. Facebook has been far more proactive in confronting the consequences and compensating for the sparseness of live entertainment. Hence to a degree I have relied on
their features.

As a result, followers of Jazz&Jazz are beginning to express frustrations at my failure to keep the site updated with jazz features, especially as I have so much to offer in lieu of live jazz for the duration. Back in April I had every intention of confronting the issue when I published this feature “Facing up to Facebook”:

Earlier I had posted:

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Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

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  1. Jean Glenister says:

    Just started following Jazz&Jazz and saying “HELLO” to all my jazz friends on here. I live in Hastings and along with Robert Girling I’m an admin for the 1066 Jazz Club’s facebook page. The Club moved a few miles along the coast to Bexhill where we only had two well-attended sessions before Covid struck, but we are back again next Friday 20th August with a six-piece band led by Peter Leonard including Tim Huskinson on clarinet. To keep everyone as safe as possible there have to be a few changes such as a lmit on numbers, facilty to pre-book, provision of hand sanitiser, but there will be great jazz and dancing once again, see our website www, Best wishes to all the other Jazz organisers including Peter Butler.

  2. Peter Butler says:

    Thank you Jean & best wishes for the success of this event. Give my best wishes to Peter Leonard.

  3. Jean Glenister says:

    Will do. How are other clubs faring after lockdown? Is there a reluctance to visit on safety grounds or are jazzers desparate to return? Jean Glenister.

  4. Peter Butler says:

    So far as I can analyse, Jean, it’s a mixed picture. I’m cautious about releasing announcements on Jazz&Jazz as quite a few are cancelled or at best postponed. Despite positive outcomes due to the vaccine I can’t help feeling we are still on a knife’s edge.

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