Reminiscing with Chris Barber and East St Louis Toodle-Oo

Back in February, 2014, I launched my Jazz&Jazz YouTubes. I began with one of the most challenging of stage performances:
The Big Chris Barber Band at Wyllyotts Theatre, Potters Bar.

I was positioned way back in The Gods from where the stage lighting wasn’t the best for filming and that early on I hadn’t refined my methods. Afterwards I spent quite time in deep conversation with the maestro.
The original feature is at:

And here is the Jazz&Jazz YouTube:

Peter M Butler, Editor Jazz & Jazz

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  1. Peter Butler says:

    Minutes after posting about Chris I received this announcement from The Edinburgh Festival:

    Last week, Chris’ agent told us that Chris has had a bad fall and there is uncertainty about whether he’ll make next month’s concert in Edinburgh.
    All of us who have heard the Band in recent years will know that the quality of the ensemble is almost without parallel in the Classic Jazz/Traditional Jazz world. Chris fronts the band, but it’s his musicians who deliver the extraordinary music. Chris is the ultimate professional, and sets incredible standards for himself and his band, but we all need to respect that at 89 years old, his powers may not be what they were.
    Chris wants the concert to go ahead, and we’ve decided (along with those who had already booked tickets) to proceed, understanding that he may not be there. We know that the quality will be undiluted, the band will play as is does every night with Chris at their side: there will be great Ellington 1920’s arrangements; the classic small group Barber sound (with all of the band’s hits); some blues; and New Orleans classics, including “When The Saints”; all played by Chris’ high quality band, featuring Bob Hunt (trombone), Mike Henry and Pete Rudeforth (trumpets), and Bert Brandsma ( clarinet and saxes).

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