Follow Up to “It’s Time to Ring the Changes!”

“This online activity is good for us (and others) in many ways but it can take over, and we need to step back sometimes and ‘smell the roses’. Take care.” (Ian Maud).


This is the follow up to
Social Media or Jazz&Jazz? It’s Time to Ring the Changes!

I quote from that post:

To test the plan, after posting this Jazz&Jazz feature in full on my Facebook Jazzers Group I will follow up with another post on the Group containing just the simple link to the feature and inviting followers visit it on Jazz&Jazz to add their comments there – not on Facebook. If that works, it will set the pattern for my future Jazz&Jazz posts on the Facebook Jazzers Group and on
other Social Media.

The simple link for your comments in this case is:

So as of now I will post on Facebook just the heading of each Jazz&Jazz post with a simple link back to it here on Jazz&Jazz and no further information. Then fans and followers can use “Speak Your Mind” at the foot of each post on Jazz&Jazz to make their comments and even exchange views. Far better than on Facebook where the welter of comments quickly sink way down the pile. Plus it will add impact to Jazz&Jazz as a key influencer for jazz today rather than the voluminous Social Media.

So Jazz&Jazz followers let’s hear it here, on this site, for Jazz! Use “Speak Your Mind” (below) as of today.

Peter M Butler
Editor Jazz&Jazz

PS All these efforts for jazz are stretching my time and finances to breaking point and any contributions made via the Donate Button in the right hand column of each Jazz&Jazzpage would be hugely appreciated.

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