Latest on the New Orleans Scene: Shotgun Jazz Band Release “Steppin’ On The Gas”

“Steppin’ On The Gas”

“Shotgun Jazz Band plays Traditional New Orleans Jazz
in the spirit of the great Revivalists.”

“The Shotgun Jazz Band is at the forefront of an exciting traditional jazz renaissance taking place in New Orleans, with most of the action on Frenchmen Street.

“The drumless rhythm section is stellar: rock-solid banjoist John Dixon, hard-thumping Twerk Thomson on bass and the driving but always fastidious David Boeddinghaus on piano. Leader Marla Dixon plays superbly punchy trumpet and sings with intense period flavor. James Evans plays about as modern as you can and still be trad, and is a crazy-good singer to boot. A freakish talent. Charlie Halloran, showing up in half of the hotter bands in town, rounds out the front line on trombone. As a bonus, for this disc they’re augmented by two of the city’s finest tradsters: clary/saxman Tom Fischer and trumpeter Ben Polcer.” OffBEAT Magazine (26th July, 2017)

The Digital Album is available at: “Steppin’ On The Gas”

Shotgun Jazz Band


Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

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  1. Paul Goddard says:

    I cannot seem to access any of Shotgun Jazz bands U-tubes, including ‘Stepping on the Gas’. Is it me?

  2. Peter Butler says:

    All you need to do, Paul, is find them on Google and their YouTubes are listed. “Stepping on the Gas” is their new Album release, not on YouTube. Here is just one of their YouTubes choses quickly at random:

    It’s an old one – you’ll find many later ones. I’m pressed for time.

  3. Paul Goddard says:

    So it is me !
    Or is it – Googling “Shotgun Jazz Band ;Steppin on the Gas’ ” gives it’s name and release date back in March, but still tells me ‘this U-tube is not available’.

  4. Peter Butler says:

    It isn’t a YouTube, Paul. It’s for purchase. Go to:

    Not all is open for free YouTube viewing. Bands need an income!

  5. John Dixon says:

    Thank you so much, Peter, for including the review on your site, we really appreciate it.

    For those in the UK that are interested, Marla will be joining Mike Owen’s band (and probably guesting with other bands as well) at next year’s Keswick Jazz Festival, May 10th-13th. We’re looking forward to coming over, visiting, playing some tunes, and having a few proper pints!

  6. John Dixon says:

    You can access the new album on the Spotify streaming service, if you have it. You SHOULD also be able to access it by searching on Youtube “shotgun jazz band steppin on the gas” – though I dont know if there’s any restriction in the country you’re in as far as what you may or may not be able to see. You can also preview the tracks and purchase a download at the link that Peter provided.

  7. Peter Butler says:

    Proper pints! Now you are talking, John!

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