Chris Watford and Jackie Sims Pay Tribute to Ken Sims

Ken Sims

Mike Owen

Shortly after Ken Sims’ passing, Chris Gordon Watford asked me if I could “reclaim” footage filmed back in March, 2001, and reproduce it as a YouTube of Ken and Mike Owen playing with his New Orleans Standard Bearers at
Botany Bay Jazz Club.

Chris wrote “Mike Owen had just come back from playing professionally in New Orleans for eight years and was living in the West Midlands and complaining that none of the trumpeters up there had “any balls” as he put it! Ken Sims had never heard of him and it was worth studying Ken’s face when he suddenly realises he is sitting next to a trombonist who is something very special! Likewise when Mike Owen hears Ken blowing he cannot believe he’s playing with a trumpeter who is head and shoulders above what he’s found back in the UK!”

Thank you for the privilege, Chris, and here is the YouTube.

“A very special, clever and talented man indeed”

Ken’s daughter Jackie emailed Jazz&Jazz with this wonderful tribute to her father.

“I have seen your tribute – thank you, it’s really lovely.  He was a very special, clever and talented man indeed. People mostly know him through his music but he really managed many successes in his lifetime.

“His engineering work is going strong in many London landmark buildings so I can’t drive through it without feeling proud… his air con/heating, plumbing, etc flows through The Barbican, Lambeth Palace… MI5 Building… many hospitals, military buildings…  even the Sultan of Brunei’s Palace. He had a mathematician’s brain (couldn’t spell for toffee), I think this is why music worked so well for him.  He took great pride in everything he did. If a job was worth doing…!

“He was an insatiable lover of history too – boggled me with his memory!

“Ah well, he will be missed by many – all us three daughters and mum love hearing the kind stories people have been sharing with us so thank you again for your tribute, and for helping him out!”

With best wishes,

Thank you for sharing this with Ken’s fans, Jackie and Chris.

Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

(Photos & YouTubes © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz)

Ken Sims’ Funeral Parade lead by Grand Marshall Louis Lince.

Visit: Remembering Ken Sims

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