Urgent Update on Tuba Skinny’s UK Tour


“So, we’ve been scrambling to come up with a tour in the UK this summer, but unfortunately, do not have the funds necessary to make it there and back. We are hoping that next summer will provide the opportunities to make it happen. Thanks to all who have encouraged us to come over, hopefully we will see you next year!”

Yes, Erika, let’s hope for next year. The UK JAZZ COMMUNITY truly want Tuba Skinny to tour the UK and would be only too willing to help make it happen.

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The uppermost aim of Jazz&Jazz is to keep jazz live and alive! Key to this is our aim to promote new bands, emerging bands, YOUNG BANDS.

Tuba Skinny -their sound evokes the rich musical heritage of New Orleans

Tuba Skinny – their sound evokes the rich musical heritage of New Orleans

Tuba Skinny is just such a band. They are rapidly honing their skills in the true roots of authentic jazz. Tuna Skinny are dynamite. 

Given their website introduction, the band can’t fail to be music to the ears of lovers of New Orleans Revivalist Jazz:

Formed in in 2009, Tuba Skinny has steadily evolved from a loose collection of street musicians into a solid ensemble dedicated to bringing the traditional New Orleans sound to audiences around the world. Drawing on a wide range of musical influences—from spirituals to Depression-era blues,  from ragtime to traditional jazz—their sound evokes the rich musical heritage of their New Orleans home. The band has gained a loyal following through their distinctive sound, their commitment to reviving long-lost songs, and their barnstorming live performances.”

1BanjosSo, anticipating a Tuba Skinny UK tour next year, it should be imperative that we do not miss out on the opportunity of welcoming them as part of the 2015 UK jazz scene. With real jazz resurgent in New Orleans and amongst younger groups in the UK the opportunity could and should be seized to rebuild jazz bridges to their former glory. For instance, to the days when George Lewis toured the UK with our formidable bands of his era. And in return his UK protege Sammy Rimington played in Preservation Hall with him.









Tuba Skinny is: Erika Lewis, Vocals; Todd Burdick, Tuba; Bobby Browne, Guitar & Tenor Banjo; Shaye Cohn, Cornet; Barnabus Jones, Trombone; Robin Rapuzzi, Washboard;
John Doyle, Clarinet

Live set, ABC National Radio, Sydney, Australia: http://goo.gl/cT0Ptr

Tuba Skinny with Erika Lewis on vocals performing at Louisiana Busker Fest in Abita Springs, La 22.4.2013: http://goo.gl/okgl6I

Stills courtesy of ABC, Australia.

See also: Introducing Tuba Skinny! Flying the Flag for a New Era of New Orleans Jazz Bands.

For the full Tuba Skinny Story visit:

AAA Tuba Skinny Info

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  1. Liz And Paul says:

    There is a growing population (more on the way) of retired people and our gigs are very well supported by them. There is also in the UK and around the world a good number of young musicians taking up the art of playing jazz and listening to it. Google and see for yourself. The box is bigger now than ever before with all the new ways on the world wide web to enjoy jazz. We used to order 78s, LPs, go to New Orleans and travel to London Clubs etc to hear and enjoy jazz music. Indeed the next generation of jazz lovers have huge resources, history, music degrees, quality instruments and hopefully encouragement from us older ones in the business. Jazz will live on and on and change and change as newcomers look back and move forward in the jazz scene. Journey on and enjoy JAZZ.

  2. Peter Butler says:

    Take a look through Jazz&Jazz, Liz and Paul, and you will see an emphasis on featuring and supporting younger bands and musicians.

  3. Jim McIntosh says:

    Flexibility from bands, clubs and festivals is what is needed. Any UK bands, especially thems that can afford it (retired gentlemen/ladies with ‘adequate’ pensions, etc, now turned ‘pro’ musicians – that sort of thing…) already booked should shift (or even, if necessary, cancel) their dates to accommodate this fine young band from New Orleans – that is of course if the clubs and festivals agree (which they should, if humanly possible – how often does such a great band and breath of fresh air like Tuba Skinny come along?). About four years ago my band, the Jazzaholics, were booked to play at a jazz weekend. A very popular band from Sweden needed a gig that night; we gave them the gig (obviously with the promoter’s blessing); we got another gig there anyway; everyone was extremely happy, including the audience, and nobody died. All this was arranged about six weeks in advance of the festival. Read my lips: F L E X I B I L I T Y

  4. Barrie Marshall says:

    Like many jazz fans and musicians around the planet I have watched Tuba Skinny on YouTube, a wonderful young band, they use the old style, mainly no solos as such somebody takes the lead but the other melody instruments keep playing in the background.

  5. Alan Hiippsley says:

    Hello Peter,
    I have to agree with Jim Macintosh’s comments about the need for f l e x i b i t y at our jazz clubs. Why do some feel obliged to book solid as far as a year ahead anyway ? Such an approach is reasonable (essential even) for enterprises where large outlays have to be committed a long time in advance – but this is hardly the case with most jazz clubs. I am not suggesting that jazz club inflexibility is the sole reason for Tuba Skinny not being able to get the figures to stack up (far from it) but I suspect it is a contributory factor. Tuba Skinny have lost out by not getting the UK tour and the UK has lost out by not having them here this year. Food for thought and action !

    Alan Hippsely

  6. Fred Burnett says:

    I ran a monthly jazz club back in the 90’s, and booking up 6 months in advance was one of economics and ease of operation. Printing hundreds of flyers listing the coming events was too expensive just to list one or two gigs at a time. Having got the bands sorted out, I could concentrate on the publicity and that was no mean task, driving a 10 mile radius circle to deliver posters to libraries, visitor centres, cafés, and anywhere else where they would display them. However, for a one off touring band, there was nothing to stop us putting on an extra event. I doubt club bookings was a reason that stopped Tuba Skinny from coming over, I wouldn’t mind betting I could count on one hand the number of jazz clubs that were even approached, that is if they were lucky enough to get a response from their Agent or Management team in the first place.

  7. If they should come to the Gosport Jazz Club, I will definitely attempt to buy a ticket! Rosie’s Vineyard in Southsea? Do they need people to give them accommodation?

  8. rogeredulson says:

    Don’t even think a little thought about not playing the UK in ’15…Its a no brainier…Take a chance… come play for us… at Glastonbury even perhaps?… hitch a gig, we have BIG TOWNS that would love you all. Insist on no less NOW. Our country needs you!!

  9. brian says:

    Good evening

    Enjoy it all – if only I had your talent.

    Do not leave in too long before a tour to U.K.

    It was my birthday last week – 79 years – still going strong

  10. Peter Butler says:

    We’ll keep trying to get them to the UK, Brian!

  11. John Edgar Tomlinson says:

    It`s virtually impossoble to get your CD`s in UK..what happened to Amazon? ..You`re great..good luck.. John T.

  12. Roy Headland says:

    I’d even leave Norfolk to see them !
    To my mind the only band that I’ve heard recently to capture the true spirit of the old New Orleans.
    Also,their covers of some of the old singers -Victoria Spivey, Blind Blake,Skip James etc are uncannily authentic but with the advantage of modern recording.
    Lets have a whip round before its too late! (for us-not them)

  13. Peter Butler says:

    For you, Roy, one of my Tuba Skinny YouTubes: https://youtu.be/sCDQmvQ10es

  14. Roy Headland says:

    Thanks Peter-just found it!
    I think “Untrue Blues ” on their new album also demonstrates the point.

  15. Aleck Poole says:

    Love to see Tuba Skinny in uk . Keep me posted if anything is settled.

  16. Peter Butler says:

    Will do, Aleck.

  17. Jeff Morgan says:

    Where in the UK can a buy Tuba Skinny CD’s ?

  18. Peter Butler says:

    Hi Jeff, I’ve messaged “Hi Erika – I’ve had an enquiry as to where Tuba Skinny CDs can be purchased in the UK. Can you help please. Thank you, Peter” Hope to get back to you soon.

  19. Peter Butler says:

    Jeff, Erika has replied: “They can be ordered from http://www.louisianamusicfactory.com and they will ship to the UK.” I hope this helps, Peter

  20. ROGER OFFORD says:

    I wish Tuba Skinny could come to the UK. I suppose they need an enthusiastic fixer/sponsor for it to work. Could not “Pops Coffee” be that man. There are many Jazz Festivals where they could play-Pershore and Swanage for instance.

  21. Peter Wray says:

    Are there any plans for Tuba Skinny to come to the UK or Europe?

  22. Peter Butler says:

    I wish there were – it’s not for lack of trying!

  23. Ruth Rose says:

    Why Can’t Glastonbury pay for them to be here and perform. if not Glastonbury Love Supreme at Glynde

  24. Peter Butler says:

    Many efforts have been made to persuade them to visit the UK – to no avail thus far!

  25. Ruth Rose says:

    Can Shay Cohen tell us what the band needs in order to make a profitable short tour of the UK?.
    There are loads of festivals now besides Glastonbury. There is ‘Love Supreme’ and Hyde Park, others too.
    We could try contacting the organisers of the 2020 festivals now and asking them to watch the Tuba Skinny videos on YouTube with a view to sending invites with generous enough offers of concert fees to make it worth the trip. If a good enough offer goes to them, an agency here can surely arrange a few venues around Britain to fit in with their visit.

  26. Peter Butler says:

    Ruth, via this website I, and others, have endeavoured to do just that. Make a search for Tuba Skinny to find the posts. I have far too much to do to take more time on this. If you visit my YouTube site you will find several YouTubes I have filmed of them: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbyqlX9cd5D7h2FpXsdS7BQ?guided_help_flow=1

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