Tuba Skinny Bring New Orleans Street Music to Fest Jazz, Chateauneuf-du-Faou



I promised more Tuba Skinny at Fest Jazz, Chateauneuf-du-Faou and here is my first YouTube instalment. I won’t waste words other than to say the festival was brilliant and Tuba Skinny were something very special. As also were Joan Chamorro’s Sant Andreu Youth Jazz Band.

More YouTubes of both bands to follow. And of the other great bands who kept fans on their toes.

Thank you, Trevor Stent and Anneke Laurens for such a phenomenal Tenth Anniversary show.

 So here it is: Tuba Skinny and  “Sweet Lovin Old Soul”

If you want to see Tuba Skinny touring the UK, say so in the Comment Box below.
The more “Yeses” the  sooner the possibilities of arranging it.

Photos & YouTubes © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz

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  1. Peter Butler says:

    Jazz Fans, I allowed YouTube to “improve” this video. But they’ve made it too dark! I’ve changed it back now and I’ll not do that again in a hurry. I CHANGED IT BACK!!!

    Don’t forget to have your say in “Speak Your Mind” if you want Tuba Skinny to tour the UK.

  2. Pamela Turner says:

    I think Tuba Skinny are one of the best young bands around and the sooner we can get them to come to the UK the better. So it’s a yes, yes, yes, yes, yes from me. Lovely video, thanks Peter.

  3. Jaap Willem van Heel says:

    Hello Peter, looking forward to find your next uploads of Tuba Skinny. Hope that you don’t mind that I copied it to the facebook site of Tuba Skinny. It really was a great festival wasn’t it.
    I really hope you succeed in getting TS to England and after that they will maybe come to Holland.

  4. Peter Butler says:

    Don’t mind at all Jaap! It adds to the momentum of organising a Tuba Skinny tour.

  5. Maggie Peplow says:

    Tuba Skinny have got to be one of the best bands around now , the sooner someone gets them to UK the better. Wonderful refreshing sound.

  6. Alice Sibley says:

    Just love this band

  7. John Henry says:

    A wonderfully refreshing sound from Tuba Skinny!! The best new young band playing New Orleans traditional jazz I’ve heard for years! Please organise a UK tour as soon as you can! John

  8. Jim McIntosh says:

    All they need is a grand+ a gig (on average), plus hotels – should at least go a long way in paying their air fares, hire of wagon, petrol etc…

  9. Peter Butler says:

    Working on it, Jim. Pete could update you.

  10. Jim McIntosh says:

    I really wish you all the best luck in the world on this project, but how on earth can you organise a tour which would have to be for at least a month, 7 days a week, averaging over a thousand pounds a gig plus hotel? This in reality would mean them playing (wages wise) for about £40 a gig, out of which they have to eat etc, and then, hopefully at the end of the day be able to pay their bills at the end of it all when they get back to N.O. The average jazz club pays about £350-£450 (no hotel), I should imagine that (in my experience) festivals would not pay all that more. Maybe they could play some European festivals – I have no idea what Trevor Stent would have paid them. I am sure that he would have been very fair and not stingy, as are a lot of the UK festivals. The European festivals are great (don’t pay all THAT much money), but many, such as Dresden have such a waiting list of bands desperate to play there…It is a hugely expensive business getting a band on the road nowadays. Just to get my band over to Germany you are talking in thousands, not hundreds, of pounds. I get pretty good dosh, but am lucky if I make anything – in fact, I look not to LOSE anything. In general, playing jazz is a labour of love. Maybe if our fans who beg you to to organise a tour would pay £50 admission to the clubs, something might be remotely possible.

  11. Jim McIntosh says:

    Actually, £50 is a bit excessive – make it £30…

  12. Peter Butler says:

    Valuable input, Jim, which I will present to the “team”. I have one other card up my sleeve but it may well be a long shot and would need to be aimed at 2016 not 2015. Let’s not give up yet. This could aim jazz in the right direction before all us oldies die off.

  13. Arnold Plooy says:

    I think governments should chip in and it should be considered cultural exchange.

  14. Bob Keeble says:

    How can the Ozzies organise 4 trips and we brits are still about faffing around trying to organise a first. Infact they seem to have been everywhere but here. I have not listened to much trad jazz since the sixties till I stumbled on Tuba Skinny on Utube, they have revived my interest and for the last two years I have been on line regularly enjoying listening as much as they clearly enjoy playing . £50 seems a reasonable price for a band of this talent and dedication, the going rates for an O2 gig starts at £80 and you’re nearly in the next town for that and goes up to £150 to get within 50 yards of the stage. I am not suggesting you put them on there, it is not exactly intimate but that is what people are prepared to pay to see and hear talented musicians.
    Have you thought of some sort of collective sponsorship perhap in conjunction with a bank or an line payment company to hold the money till everything is organised and refundable if the box offices reciept cover cost or if the tour does not happen. Sponsors could be offered priority when booking.

  15. Peter Butler says:

    I fully agree with you, Bob, and efforts have been made to bring Tuba Skinny to the UK but it seems our jazz fans, clubs and festivals, simply aren’t prepared to pay those prices. Nor will our big theatres book them without the guarantee that they would get full house bookings. And without the jazz fans booking, given the trends in popular music, they have no guarantee of that. Efforts have been made to interest BBC TV and Jules Holland’s programme but to no avail.

  16. Allan Friswell says:

    Hi Pete: how far did you get in booking Tuba Skinny here, if at all?

  17. Peter Butler says:

    Met them at Fest Jazz 2014. Remained in contact for a while but efforts proved fruitless.

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