Farewell Colin Kingwell!

The sad news reached me today that Colin Kingwell has, in words he would appreciate, shuffled off his mortal coil. I was flawed.
Colin always welcomed me to film him with his Jazz Bandits.

The last time I filmed the band was when Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle welcomed him back to their 2014 Festival. As ever, Colin and the band were on top form and his jokes and repartee
surpassed adoration.

Peter M Butler
Editor Jazz & Jazz

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  1. Alan Bond says:

    I had the pleasure of knowing Colin Kingwell for many years and it has come as a bit of a shock to learn of his passing. With this Covid thing, the news has only just reached me. I know his wife Joan had passed away some years ago but I don’t know if they had any family. Fortunately I have a number of recordings by Colin’s bands and they are treasured examples of jazz as it should be played. Two of them were recorded live at a couple of band sessions, one at the Swan in Denham and the other at the Horse and Barge in Denham. They are from tapes made by Ron Jenkins, who was a regular attendee at Colin’s sessions. I did send copies on CD to Colin some years back but it would be nice if they could be more widely distributed

  2. Alan Bond says:

    I also have some video of Colin Kingwell’s Po’ Boys recorded at Wallis House in Ruislip on the occasion of Terry Freshney’s 85th birthday. Does anyone know if clarinettist John Lawes is still with us ?

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