Watching Google Ads on Jazz&Jazz YouTubes Helps Support Jazz!

“Your YouTube features are all great and
cheer everybody up enormously. So glad
you can get some income from
Google advertising.”

Tim Wacher, Covent Garden Marching Band.

Over the past five years I have filmed over 400 YouTubes featuring live jazz at a variety of events, with a million plus views to date. Now, posting YouTubes here on Jazz&Jazz can help compensate for the live jazz blackout for the duration of COVID-19 … and beyond!
Also by taking a moment or two to view Google Ads (how ever relevant they may be)
you can help Jazz&Jazz support jazz!


Simples! Put away your purses and take a little time
to view in full each Google ad on my
Jazz&Jazz YouTubes
rather than simply skip over the ads. The more complete
viewings there are of each ad, the higher the revenue
I raise to help cover the costs of our mission to help keep jazz
live and alive!

Not out of your own pockets but income from Google!

Please give it a whirl to help Jazz&Jazz play a part in slaying the
Covid Dragon and in supporting Jazz for the duration and beyond!

There is also a Donate Button in the right hand column throughout my website but fund raising on my own part is not my forte, much as I would surely welcome your unstinting support. So by all means use that link. But even better, I would much prefer you view the ads on my YouTubes in full to help fund my efforts. Especially as Google tell me that they now qualify 
for advertising revenue.

For several years I was delighted to film the Covent Garden Marching Band at the annual
Rent Collecting Ceremony. Quite a challenge but always great fun and for an excellent cause.
Here’s how and why:

Peter M Butler

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