In The Glory Land Of Jazz!

I first filmed for my collection of Jazz&Jazz YouTubes back in February, 2012, and have since filmed a host of bands. My YouTube site has approaching 1,600 subscribers and
over 682,000 views.

I’ve featured some of my YouTubes earlier on Jazz&Jazz but a pitiful few. So I’ve decided its high time a set about sharing them in a series of new posts beginning with the very first YouTube
I featured back in October, 2013.

It’s a wonderful way to wile away the Summer months.

L to R: Mike Taylor, Gwyn Lewis and John Scantelbury

First in the series, “Over In The Glory Land” with New Orleans Heat at Brian Smith’s The Peartree Jazz Club, Welwyn Garden City back in 2013. Since then Brian has moved on from The Peartree and now runs The Lemsford Jazz Club, where I have filmed a good many more YouTubes.

Enjoy – more Jazz&Jazz YouTubes to come!

Peter M Butler 
Editor Jazz&Jazz 

(Photos & YouTube © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz)

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