Adrian Cox at The 100 Club

Flashback to the final session of Kay and Tony Leppard’s Thursday Midday Jazz
at the 100 Club back in December 2013.

The Band: Ben Martyn (bass), Emile Martyn (dms), Adrian Cox (clt); Ged Hone (tmp), Mike Pointon (tmb), Tony Pitt (bjo); Ray Smith (pno)

Fans packed the floor for Adrian Cox and “Sweet Lorraine”. The Club was full to bursting and in the words of organiser Kay Leppard the final session:
“certainly brought a few out of the woodwork!”

It was never easy filming at The 100 Club as fans packed the floor front of stage between the massive columns. But I loved the atmosphere and with subtle editing passable YouTubes could be created. On one occasion I was welcomed to film from elevated Sound and Lighting Booth
back of the club.

I plan to release more of my early 100 Club YouTubes in due course.

Peter M Butler 
Editor Jazz&Jazz 

(Photos & YouTube © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz)

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