Jazz&Jazz YouTubes – Sponteneity or Perfection?

Over a number of years I have filmed for Jazz&Jazz YouTubes at a variety of venues including clubs, festivals, theatres and special occasions. None are rehearsed studio productions. All capture the spontaneity of the events and performances.

On Sunday, 28th April, I filmed at Tad Newton’s “Dixieland to Duke” End of Season Jazz Special at The Walnut Tree Jazz Club, Blisworth. It was a full on performance to a packed house of rapturous fans. Spontaneity set the theme for the day. So forgive me, Tad, for not running these YouTubes past you first for approval. But I hope you agree that studio perfection was not the call for the day, but rather the full on club performance of the musicians and the rapport of their fans.

Not to mention the charm of guest artiste, Andrea Rowlands.

Because that’s jazz!


I’ve entitled Mood Indigo “With Waitress Service”. The reason soon become clear because, yes, fine food is also available at The Walnut Tree!

At the time of posting this, my Jazz&Jazz YouTubes are closing in on 1,500 subscribers with over 624,000 views. The more jazz fan subscribers to Jazz&Jazz YouTubes the merrier because this will help boost my aims for Jazz&Jazz and celebrating the Joy of Jazz.

Peter M Butler
Editor Jazz&Jazz

Jazz&Jazz is especially grateful to Tad Newton’s Jazz Friends for their cooperation and reciprocal support.

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