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With ongoing filming keep posted to Jazz&Jazz for forthcoming features presenting our growing list of Jazz&Jazz YouTubes. Meanwhile as Tuba Skinny feature in the Jazz&Jazz YouTube Masthead, here is their rendition of Bunk Johnson’s “Big Chief Battle Axe”.

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  1. Eros Simone says:

    Hi fellow jazz fans,

    My father is a retired jazz drummer who lives in Italy and is visiting us in Maidstone from the 16th Feb to the 24th. He’d love to see some good live jazz and I don’t know where to take him. We live in Maidstone and ideally he’d rather keep it Kentish and low key, i.e. a good pub band with a nice friendly atmosphere is preferred to a stuffy Ronnie Scott’s atmosphere even though Booker T is there, for example. Any chance you could use your encyclopaedic knowledge of local jazz to give me a few suggestions where I might take him please?

    Thank you so much,

  2. Peter Butler says:

    First, Eros, it would help to know if you use Facebook as I have entries there which might help with this enquiry.

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