Two Jazz&Jazz YouTubes and a Photograph in Memory of Departed Friends

The Festive Season is over and 2019 beckons us onwards.
But as the years role by there is always time for reflection, memories
of splendid times gone by and of friends no longer with us.

That is why, for me, the following YouTubes and photograph are especially emotive. Trefor Williams on Big Bertha, his beloved bass, was a wonderful friend and my jazz mentor. He passed away just two years ago in 2017. And Roger Pout, my lifelong friend since early schooldays is in the audience applauding with Sammy’s dedicated fans. After a short illness, he joined departed jazz fans in February last year.

Roger Pout and I were firm friends since schooldays in Herne Bay. We got into jazz together in our late teens. This is one of my very early attempts at “jazz photography”.

Peter M Butler
Editor Jazz&Jazz

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