Social Media & Suicides!

Thought for today: Social Media can be an extremely frustrating and even damaging trap. Time spent sharing posts and events on Facebook alone can detract us from, for instance, creating features on our own websites – in my case

Now more than ever newscasts are reporting on the damage Social Media can and is doing to young people – tragically even resulting in suicides. The Social Media Giants assure us they guard against misuse of their sites. But let’s be honest, money talks!

So often I wonder is there any way possible to do without or bypass Social Media!

And now the damage Social Media can do to the younger generations is becoming
ever more blatantly obvious.

We are told Social Media sites do their utmost to guard against this – but money talks and when they build their massive wealth on the back of advertising etc can they really be trusted?

My thoughts and sympathies are with all who are suffering, young people and parents included.

Peter M Butler
Moderator: Jazz&Jazz

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