Facebook Jazzers supports Jazz&Jazz? Questionable!


Facebook is omnipresent and it seems all but omnipotent! An essential read.

It’s some time since I launched “Jazzers”, my Facebook Jazzers Group, to support Jazz&Jazz in hopes of attracting more jazz fans to follow this site. So far with little avail. It seems Facebook has so forcefully cornered the market that jazz fans and musicians far prefer to follow me on my Facebook Jazzers Group than here on my Jazz&Jazz website, despite easy links to regular features posted here on Jazz&Jazz.

Repeated pleas to my Facebook followers to make their comments in “Speak Your Mind” below each entry posted here on Jazz&Jazz, rather than add their comments on the Facebook links, are disregarded. Despite the fact that here on Jazz&Jazz their opinions and exchanges of views can be far more relevant, weightier and effective.

Much easier to post comments on Facebook? Not so compared with using “Speak Your Mind”. For instance, you can give your views on this appeal in “Speak Your Mind” at the foot of this page. Frequently comments posted on “Speak Your Mind” lead to exchanges of opinions. Surely better than responding on Facebook where views and opinions quickly sink down the list into a
maelstrom of oblivion.

So why not go for it! Forget Facebook – or rather follow the links I place on Facebook and comment in “Speak Your Mind” here on jazz&jazz.com.

Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

a) Jazz&Jazz was launched back in 2011 since when I have featured over 1300 posts. I am planning a Flashbacks Series re-featuring events and entries of special note.

b) Membership of my Facebook Jazzers Group is approaching 1,400. It is a Closed Group and as Admin, I monitor posts with great care to ensure they meet acceptable standards.

c) My YouTube Channel is at Jazz & Jazz and to date includes almost 800 Jazz&Jazz YouTubes so far released for public viewing, with approaching 20,000 views
by 1036 subscribers.

d) Background information “Calling All Jazz Followers”: https://www.jazzandjazz.com/2018/07/calling-all-my-jazzjazz-and-social-media-followers/

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  1. Paul Goddard says:

    Hello Peter,
    My commenting here is a message, not so much from the converted, but more from the ‘ never was unconverted ‘. So probably not what you really wish.
    But I have a confession to make. Just this week I have attempted to comment on an ezcellent, really interesting, post relating to Maria Mauldaur. Forgotten who posted it, but thank you, whoever you are, for a post almost up to the quality of items here on Jazz and Jazz. Unusual that.
    It seems to me that most Jazzers Facebook posts are founded on self-interest, and is often wholly irrellevent to most other Jazzers. Please, when posting, highlight the LOCATION of the gig you are plugging, so the casual reader can self-filter.

  2. The main benefit I find with Facebook over a website is that Facebook notifies me if someone has either replied to or simply “liked” (reacted to) the conversation.

    Otherwise, I would have to trawl through a list of websites, trying to following various conversations, not knowing whether anyone has joined in the conversation until I visit each and every website, then scrolled down the conversation to see if there is anything added at the bottom.

    If I may make a suggestion Peter; if you really want to draw people to use this site, it is possible, and relatively easy, to add a discussion forum. I have my own private one for a few select software developer friends, using phpBB; although there are other forum software packages available, depending on your ISP.

    Having said all that, I do know someone who went to all the time and trouble to create their own very snazzy, custom made, forum to move people from Facebook. The result – about half a dozen people used it for a few days and now it languishes, virtually unused in obscurity.

    You say that Jazzers is a closed group so, although you might want to write articles on this site, the (possibly inevitable) truth is, Facebook does have its advantages when it comes to conversations about stuff and, with a closed group, your very unlikely to get the riff-raff poking their oar in.

  3. Peter Butler says:

    Thanks for your thoughts, Joanna. In effect, Speak Your Mind is a discussion forum. I’ll press on regardless!

  4. I’m sorry Peter but, unless Speak Your Mind allows people to “speak their mind”, without you having to post a subject first, it really isn’t a discussion forum. It is my belief that that is more than likely the reason why people don’t come here as a first thought.

    There is also the fact that, whether it be on Facebook or elsewhere, posting a subject for discussion doesn’t necessarily imply that people will reply to that post. I subscribe to a few Facebook pages and find, quite often, that people post messages and might get a few “likes” or other Emoji reaction, without necessarily provoking a written response.

    I belong to (and help run) our local photographic club. We have a private Facebook page, where members post comments on club life, announce outings and present photos they have taken. We have around 65 members in the club but, in the two years it has been active, only 34 of them have joined the Facebook page. In fact, less than 10 people have ever posted messages, whether that be a conversation starter or a reply to a conversation.

    I find myself in an odd situation because, although I could be defined as a “silver surfer”, I have worked as a software consultant for some 26 odd years and am really tech-savvy, very much used to holding conversations online, giving technical advice, etc. In that respect, I believe I am in a minority in the (majority) older age group who love and support Jazz. Many “older” people remember that the best conversations usually happen, either face to face or, at least, over the telephone, where reaction is instantaneous and emotion can be detected in the human voice, instead of having to search for the right Emoji to convey that you were joking, angry, frustrated, etc.

    Your Jazz&Jazz website is certainly a mine of information and you write a lot of good articles but it does feel more like a notice board than a place for discussion. Maybe if you explicitly marked Speak Your Mind as a discussion page with its own page heading? At the moment, you have the following “sections” to your site :


    … none of which explicitly invite me to participate in discussion. Moreover, I certainly can’t find any way to start a discussion or make an announcement about an event. Which is why people tend to go to Facebook to make their announcements, usually not expecting a response, even there.

    Now, will my comments arouse a response from anyone other than yourself? I would hope so but, at the same time, I fear not.

    Nonetheless, keep up the good work. People may not be talking here but they are listening ?

  5. Peter Butler says:

    In reply to:

    “I’m sorry Peter but, unless Speak Your Mind allows people to “speak their mind”, without you having to post a subject first, it really isn’t a discussion forum. It is my belief that that is more than likely the reason why people don’t come here as a first thought.”

    Simply put, the site is and never was intended to be an open Discussion Forum. That would simply lead to chaos. “Speak Your Mind” does not imply “let’s discuss this and that!” – subjects up for grabs despite ensuing confusion. It seems you consider I should defer to almighty Facebook and indeed I do have a Facebook Jazzers (Closed) Group with over 1,300 members. But it’s the shere haphazard use of that which frustrates and infuriates me! It’s so time consuming.

    But thank you for your input – it could prove useful for reference.

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