“The Little Man That Wasn’t There!” Mystified? …

The answer is in the YouTube! …

Fest Jazz 2018 Presents
“Amanda Brown & The Common Ears”

Amanda and her band hail from Liverpool where they revel in mixing the sounds of vintage Jazz and Blues from the 1920s and 1930s with Bluegrass, Rock and Bebop.
“The Little Man That Wasn’t There” is both enchanting and captivating.
It’s followed by “You Always Hurt The One You Love”.

Peter M Butler
Editor Jazz&Jazz

(Photos & YouTubes © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz)


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  1. Paul Goddard says:

    This is a band with a very considerable amount of charm, playing a wide range of music, some tending towards folk-pop. Parabhen Lad lays down a very solid Jazz bass line, always, and provides interesting and effective descants as backing singer, but just who is the superb reed player (and whistler)? Peter, can you rustle up a U-tube of him playing the (rare as hens teeth) bass clarinet?

  2. Peter Butler says:

    Sorry Paul. Only time for two YouTubes before moving on to the next venue.

  3. Paul Goddard says:

    Maybe someone else could help. Nearly got a video of a bass clarinet no myself, but near the end the SD card reported full, making it unplayable. Pity, was in a prime position.

  4. Peter Butler says:

    Not easy is it!

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