Revisiting Joan Chamorro’s Young Sant Andreu Jazz Band Stars

I have followed and featured Joan Chamorro and Barcelona’s
Sant Andreu Jazz Band for several years. Avidly!

But it’s been a while since the last post and so I have to thank Francis Ketterer for posting this YouTube on my Facebook Jazzers Group.

But back in September, 2017, I posted on Jazz&Jazz:

Joan takes youngsters with an inclination for music under his wing
and infuses into them a love for music.

It includes a series of my Jazz&Jazz YouTubes, including numbers performed by his star protege Andrea Motis, encapsulating Joan’s brilliance in achieving just that.

Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

(Photos & YouTubes © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz)


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  1. Paul Goddard says:

    I have often wondered which is the better, the Sant Andreu Jazz Band of 2012, or that of 2018?
    True the 2012 band has spawned some first rate professional musicians to date, but who would say any of the seniors in the 2018 band will not make the grade as music professiona!s?
    Of course, the youngsters in this YouTube are todays seniors in the band, and how good they have become – Alba Ermangou (trumpet) is developing into a Jazz musician of comparable stature to Andrea Motis, and young Victor Carracosa (also trumpet) could possibly develop into the best trumpeter the band has ever produced, unless young Elsa Armangou (not a soloist here) beats him to it.
    But are things changing? Their blogspot site now lists the wonderful Rita Payes as a PAST member off the band, and that fantastic teenage drummer Abril Sauri is now not listed either as a present or past member, I do hope both will continue to be associated with the band in some way.

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