The Jazz Chicken!

Eddie Izzard to the Rescue!

My mind is in a state of turmoil!

Forty years ago when my wife and I began keeping chickens as a hobby and our children were not much more than knee high to a grasshopper, we thought it a good idea to hatch chicks for their education, and to help sustain our very rare breed.

To cut a very long story short, we hatched a throw back strain which had become extinct earlier last century. So now we were in deep! As deep as I’ve got into Jazz. With the help of other poultry breeders strides were being made in re-establishing the breed.

But hiccups happened and the survival of the breed was again in question. Until a very special friend and breeder came to the rescue and helped get things back on course. Sadly due to ill health he is now unable to continue with the project.

 Yet at the eleventh hour we have been incredibly fortunate to have another recognised rare breed expert take up the baton to help ensure the survival of our beautiful “Silver Marans”!

Meantime to get things fully established, I may take a little time out of my usual hectic jazz routine.
Hence my decision to compensate by leaving you with Eddie’s Jazz Chicken … and Jazz Club!

Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

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