Jazz&Jazz Countdown to Fest Jazz 2018 Begins Now …

… with a teaser introducing just some of the bands and musicians you will meet on the banks of
The River Aulne!

Flying in from New Orleans: “The Shake ‘Em Up” Jazz Band:

“Shake ‘Em Up” play with such a lightness of touch yet swing like the clappers!

Frog and Henry
Hot on their heals in “shake ’em up” mode are “Frog and Henry” featuring F H Henry with his spectacular “Tuba Machine” and Ewan Bleach with his selection of clarinets and saxophones.

The Mamma Shakers!
As ever the emphasis at Fest Jazz will be on youth and another spectacular band in the line up is The Mama Shakers – five young musicians hailing “all the way” from Paris. Between the jug band orchestras and New Orleans music, from a crackling swing to a blues that ignites you, Mama Shakers, travel a musical journey through time! Their love of and respect for American popular music of the 20s and 30s is inspirational. So let The Mamma Shakers take you on a journey from crackling swing to blues that will ignite you.

La Swing Factory
La Swing Factory is an association of Swing Dancers led by the amazing Cécile and Christophe (Bebel) Bellencontre. Their talent and enthusiasm has created a huge following for Swing Dance (Lindy hop, Balboa, Charleston, Blues) in the area and they have starred at Fest Jazz since 2016.  Fest Jazz is a paradise for swing dancers and increasing numbers come from all over Europe to join in the fun. This year the festival is offering free swing dance classes with Cécile and Christophe.  Whether you are a debutant or an experienced dancer you will love Fest Jazz !

More Swing with Frog & Henry!

And for Les Anglais, Tad Newton’s Jazz Friends!
Tad promotes jazz at The Walnut Tree Jazz Club, Blisworth, and at Bedfordshire Golf Club.

Fest Jazz bookings are mounting up faster than ever this year so make your move NOW!


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  1. Norm888 says:

    This year’s Fest Jazz is revving up for being another amazing festival organised by Trevor Stent and his loyal, enthusiastic and talented young team at Fest Jazz Brittany. Each year they seem to find another relatively unknown collective of French musicians to blow us away. Last year the ‘Sweet Peppers’ came through brilliantly, and mixing well to jam with the likes of Gunhild Carling and the Frog and Henry boys. This year I see the Mama Shakers from Paris making a big impact and am glad we are booked up for another four days of really good music, good food, meeting some lovely jazz friends and enjoying seeing those fun loving swing dancers strut their stuff. Norm888

  2. Peter Butler says:

    See you there, Norman!

  3. Trevor Stent says:

    Thanks Norman and Peter, I am confident this year’s 14th Fest Jazz will be tremendous with some superb musicians coming along for the weekend from all parts of the globe. I must say that the young organisers have surpassed themselves this year and our two fulltime assistants, Mélanie and Margot, have been magnificent. It makes all the difference to have young organisers as well as young musicians and spectators.

  4. Peter Butler says:

    Great organising team, Trevor. The feature is now updated with the relevant links. I will shortly interview Mélanie and Margot hi-lighting their enthusiasm. Ginny and I are looking forward to meeting them both.

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