Celebrate Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle’s Christmas Special with Doolally Tap!

Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle’s Xmas Special will be
Extra Special this year with Doolally Tap
invited back by popular acclaim!

12.00 noon, 16 December, 2017.
Admission: Members £10.00. Guests £12.00 including Buffet.
email: [email protected]

Captured for YouTube: “Chimes Blue”

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The Small Boat Owners Association Clubhouse
Guildford Lawn
Ramsgate CT11 9AY

Admission: Members £10.00. Guests £12.00 (including buffet)

Please contact John Morgan for updates and to book early:
[email protected]

Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

(Photos & YouTubes © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz

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  1. Louis Lince says:

    Just who are these irreverent twats? No sense of the history of the music.

  2. Peter Butler says:

    I find your comments sadly misplaced. No wonder there’s a vast void between us old timers and younger musicians. I aim to address this issue when time allows. Youngsters in jazz today are not so different to those in the 50s/ 60s / 70s. https://www.jazzandjazz.com/2017/05/between-the-lines-extracts-and-insights-from-ken-sims-random-ramblings-telling-it-as-it-was/#more-23631

  3. Norm888 says:

    I’ve just been catching up on notices on your site, and knowing what a jazz educated man Louis Lince is, I am disappointed in his irreverent nasty comment. He cannot expect these musicians at their age to have have accumulated anywhere near as much as he has. We cannot see the audience, but maybe they were of similar age and enjoying dancing, having fun, and perhaps the banter was reciprocal ! Anyway, Louis has probably forgotten by now, but us lads always reckoned a twat was a useful thing !

  4. Peter Butler says:

    Norman, They were playing to a full house during last July’s Ramsgate Seaside Shuffle Festival. Mixed ages, but yes, predominantly older jazz fans who LOVED Doolally Tap and requested their return for the RSS Xmas Gig. In fact they were voted best / most entertaining band at the festival.

  5. Louis Lince says:

    I stand by my comment. A little research into one’s programme would not come amiss. I cannot believe that the cornet player has never heard of King Oliver. To disrespect a giant of the music that he plays is just plain stupid and rude.

  6. Peter Butler says:

    He knew very well it was by King Oliver! This Xmas Gig was a massive success, full house, umbrella parade, humour, the lot. Just what’s needed these days to give jazz a long overdue desperately needed boost!

  7. tad newton says:

    Louis, I think it was a bit of on stage banter…. rather amusing.

  8. Peter Butler says:

    One thing I’m very pleased about! An exchange of views on Jazz&Jazz “Speak Your Mind” rather than on Facebook where it would quickly be submerged below a welter of other comments! So Louis thanks for getting the ball rolling!

  9. Peter Butler says:

    Another entertaining performance by Doolally Tap:

  10. Peter Butler says:

    More comments on this, posted on Fred Burnet’s Jazz North West Discussion Page:

    18/12/17 –

    Referring to your posting 17-12-18, I went to the ‘Page of the Week’, and then used the link therein for ‘Additional information . . . Early Jazz’. A sentence there stood out to me – ‘ It is also the saga of the first jazz bands, their struggle to adapt to the changing demands of their audiences and the impetus they gave to the roaring twenties’. While new young ‘first bands’ bringing back the brash swinging 20’s music, continue to thrive across Europe, the few that we seem to have here in the UK are not getting the appreciation or help they deserve. As an instance, I picked up a posting on https://www.jazzandjazz.com, where a young band ‘Doolally Tap’ have been received well by Ramsgate JC, but one of our well known, and long term, banjo players chose to leave this comment “Just who are these irreverent ***** ? No sense of the history of jazz”. (Referring to the video I suspect – Fred). That is of no help at all. There is not much difference in the young of today, with respect to all genres of music, as in our day. Remember the sixties ? The very fact that they have a desire to play ‘our’ form of music should be encouraged. Maybe if this musician were to meet these young guys ( I haven’t ) he could help direct them and pass on some of his knowledge. I telephoned Jon Critchley the other day and complimented him on his continued achievements , with the Cheshire Swing Cats dancers coming to his resident jazz sessions. He tells me he has had 21 ! He has adapted, changed/added here and there to suit, ‘not too many 150mph numbers’ and everyone is happy. Now that, Mr Banjo Man, is progress ! –

    Norman Gibson

    20/12/17 –

    Is it just possible that “the banjoist” commenting, apparently adversely, on Doolally Tap had his tongue in his cheek? At least the band plays Chimes Blues in the Oliver/Barber key of C, whereas local purists seem to prefer Bb (never heard an explanation). I noticed that the banjoist in this collection of brash upstarts was very convincingly made up to appear somewhat older than his colleagues: he also appeared to be employing (4 string) guitar tuning on his instrument. Can I thank you for all your efforts and send harmonious Yuletide wishes to you, Barbara and all your readers?

    Christmas Greetings –
    John Muskett

    20/12/17 –

    Ref. Ramsgate Jazz Club (Small Boat Owners Club.. or something like that! Sorry to hear the discouraging comment about this young band and their obviously experienced mentor. Not the kind of thing I would have liked to have heard said about any young folk, especially those who’ve been resilient enough to avoid like the plague, the ravages of less artistic music. We want them to take up the baton. We can’t accuse them of being in it only for the money!! Did WE take it up quite so ably when WE started? Streuth, I’m only too glad that recordings weren’t so easily made in those days. I might just have packed it in, there and then if I’d heard myself. There are those who say that I should have done so anyway.

    I don’t think for one minute that they were being irreverent…. It was just a light, Milliganesque comment showing that they were WELL aware of the history.

    I think that in his remarks about English Jazz, he probably meant British Trad. a named genre, also known as London Trad (” Cor Blimey! Y’aint not gonna actually play that sax are you?) played with everybody sitting down and staring at the floor lest the audience acquire the erroneous notion that the band was actually enjoying it.

    There is one thing about that young trumpeter which I HATE.. Hate hate! He jumped off that stage which do know well, just like I would have done at the same age! Hate ‘im. We had the interval extended by 5 mins, for getting on and off.

    Just a bunch of our hopes for the future, guys who take the music seriously but not themselves. (As ‘nearly’ all of us did in our turn.)

    Wish you well Gentlemen… and Thank you & Keep it up. For OUR sakes.

    Howard Murray.

  11. Norm888 says:

    As John Muskett will see, Louis has confirmed his stance ie ” I stand by my comment “, so it was not ‘tongue in cheek’, he bloomin’ meant it !! Now Howard is the man with faith – thank goodness !

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