“The Gas Man Cometh” …


… to No 153 !

Monday 23rd October:
Builders and repair man came to assess items needing attention.

Tuesday 24th October:
UK Power arrive to run tests on electricity supply.
Homeware came to repair dishwasher.

Wednesday 25th October:
Our builder friend came to make repairs.
UK Power engineers arrived. Two vehicles plus diggers/equipment etc for testing to isolate fault.
Due back tomorrow with authority for traffic lights on the road to carry out excavations
to isolate the fix the fault.

Thursday 26th October:
UK Power arrived in force to commence repairs.
Two vehicles plus diggers with traffic lights on the road to isolate, excavate and fix the fault.
Tested results. All seems well!

Friday 27th October:
UK Power returned at 7.00 am to fill in the trenches dug to make the repair. They will be back later to make good the pavement alongside the entrance to our drive. Altogether a good speedy service.

On Sunday our plumber arrives to repair a faulty pump in our shower room. He was due on Thursday but had another emergency to attend to. Just as well – he couldn’t have got near the shower room then anyway!

Throughout it all over the past three/four years, the various operatives and engineers have been polite and helpful! Especially the UK Power engineers.

Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

PS This is far from the full list of mind draining setbacks since we moved to No 153 in 2013.
Details can be supplied upon request. I jest – partially. After all it could have been worse!:

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