The Covent Garden Marching Band – Laurence Cumming’s Photo Story

Happy 20th Birthday Bash, Covent Garden Trust!

The procession gets underway …

… and the show is on the road.

Not quite 76! John, Chris and Digby

Chris and John reboot!

And not quite a big bass drum!

Julian, John, Ian & Eric – who’s bringing up the rear on the horn?

Who’s is the loudest? Alan or …

… Julian?

A bouquet of flowers …

… for Digby?

Fairweather rallies the troops.

Not quite 76 (Trombones!)

Heading for The Southern Courtyard Anniversary Party

… via the Covent Garden precincts!

Time for the Southern Courtyard Covent Garden Jazz Party!

The Musicians
Chris Hodgkins (Leader & trumpet); John Keen and Digby Fairweather (trumpets); Julian Mark Stringle (clarinet); Ian Bates (tenor sax); Eric Gilchrist (alto sax); Alan Bradley (banjo); Mike Godwin (sousa); Ben Martyn (bass drum); Don Cook (side drum); Chris Gower and Phil Brown (trombones), John Wacher (trumpet, cornet) & Covent Garden Marching Band Stalwart, Tim Wacher (trombone) joined the band for the Courtyard Concert.

Chris, Digby, and two Johns front of stage.

A word in your ear!

Over and Out Until 2018!

Shock & Awe – Over and Out Marching Band Fans until 2018!

Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz
(Photos by Laurence Cumming © Jazz&Jazz)

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