Encountering Facebook!


I am compelled to include this because of the wonderful response to my recent post about Trefor Williams.

The issue is that the vast majority of messages for Trefor and Kate have been posted on my Facebook Jazzers Group and then on other Facebook groups and pages rather than in the “Speak Your Mind” Comments section at the foot of each Jazz&Jazz feature.

Jazz&Jazz, not Facebook, is the catalyst for my “Crusade for Jazz”.
Facebook and the other Social Media sites I use are mere tools through which I spread the word. But in themselves they are so powerful and all consuming that, useful as they are to getting my message across, they can almost take over and detract from Jazz&Jazz – the key platform.

Speak Your Mind
So this is my appeal! Rather than comment (or as well as comment) on my posts on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin et al, as a first priority please hit the link to the relevant Jazz&Jazz feature and use “Speak Your Mind” (foot of the post) to get your messages across.

That way you will draw all the more attention to the Jazz&Jazz Crusade for Jazz.

“Bass is Beautiful”: Starring with Max Collie’s Rhythm Aces

Recently I have striven to get this message across on Facebook. So it’s appropriate that my feature on Trefor has impelled me to write this because he was one of my inspirations to launch my Jazz&Jazz Crusade for Jazz way back in 2010. Now I will reinforce my efforts.

But I am a one-man-band! Recently other site managers have expressed wonderment at what I put together under my own steam – this Jazz&Jazz website, my link sites on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin – PLUS my YouTube Site with 676 Jazz&Jazz YouTubes and counting, 510 subscribers, and well over 305,000 views.

An Online Fundraiser for Jazz&Jazz
So I have exciting plans for a total Jazz&Jazz makeover to massively increase the usability, impact, relevance and reach of the site. But I need to find the money to fund this venture because, due to all my efforts to date, funds are now massively stretched. So I’m planning an online fundraiser.

I would very much welcome your thoughts. So please spare a moment to get back to me on this.

Despite my reservations, I will cross link this on Facebook, Twitter et al.

With very best wishes to all my fellow Jazzers,

Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

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Speak Your Mind