A Rare Treat: “Buddy’s Habits” John Picket on Slide Whistle

Since first hearing the Slide Whistle solo in Arnett ‘King Mutt’ Nelson’s and Charley Straight’s number “Buddy’s Habits”, I had longed to film it. John Picket assuaged my whim with his very own magical rendition when playing with Christine’s Stackyard Stompers at Lemsford Jazz Club in March, 2017.

The Full Monty: King Oliver’s historic rendition way back in 1923!

Recorded in Chicago on October 25th, 1923, with Joe King Oliver cornet & leader, Louis Armstrong second cornet & slide whistle, Honore Dutrey trombone, Johnny Dodds clarinet, Stump Evans
c-melody sax, Lil Hardin Armstrong piano, Johnny St Cyr guitar & banjo, Charlie Jackson bass sax, and Baby Dodds drums.

Thank you Christine’s Stackyard Stompers, Amy and
Lemsford Jazz Club for the privilege.

The Stackyard Stompers with guest star Amy Roberts

The Slide Whistle Star

The Indomitable Christine


Roy Hart

John also plays trumpet!

And Amy plays flute, clarinet and sax.






Richard Howell

Dave Arnold

Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

(Photos & Solo YouTube © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz)

Editor’s Note: Special thanks go to John Picket for starring with Christine & Co on the day. John is a senior scientist at Rothamsted Research Station as well as a dedicated jazz star. He had flown in from China the previous evening and a car awaited him at the end of the gig to drive him to the airport for his flight to Brazil where he was due the following day.

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