Newly Released Jazz&Jazz YouTube: The 100 Club Pays Tribute to George Buck


Back on 11th December 2013 George Buck passed away and I payed tribute to him and his achievements on Jazz&Jazz.

It was on the following day, 12th December, at The 100 Club’s very last Thursday Midday Jazz Session, that The Fallen Heroes, plus immediately recognisable guest stars, played this special tribute to George, appropriately introduced by Mike Pointon and Emile Martyn.

I filmed in the midst of the packed exuberant fans, ducking and diving and jostling my lens. It was Jazz at The 100 Club just as it was in its heyday – except for the age of the fans! And yet there were a good many younger fans in the audience.

So in keeping with my New Year promise to revisit selections from the Jazz YouTubes which I have filmed over the past five years, here, among a motley of jazz stars, including Mike Pointon and Emile Martyn, is the 100 Club’s Tribute to George Buck.
First time featured on Jazz&Jazz.

Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

(YouTube © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz)

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