Esther O’Connor Presents Ashton Lane’s Latest Album “One Kiss Later”


Early in February, 2012, I painted Esther O’Connor’s portrait. The daughter of Graeme Duffin, initially a jazz musician and later the bassist with Wet, Wet, Wet, Esther is now a singer/songwriter with the Glasgow based group Ashton Lane.

Esther emailed me about their latest album “One Kiss Later”. Ashton Lane are totally independent with their own cottage industry in Glasgow where they make all their music and handle all their promotions themselves…“no big label etc”

So the support of folks who enjoy their music is absolutely crucial and Esther contacted me to ask whether I could announce on Jazz&Jazz their special promo offer for their latest album
“One Kiss Later” for free.

Please use this link:

I can assure you, the album is great!

To request information about Ashton Lane’s 2017 Tour please email: [email protected]

And now my portrait of Esther


Photo © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz

Link to the original Jazz& Jazz post featuring the portrait. 

A Fine Art Print of the portrait was stolen soon after I displayed it along with a number of my other portraits and landscapes. I took that as a good omen, Esther.

Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

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