An Interview with Acker



David’s photo of Acker taken during the interview.

In 2004 David Ellis interviewed Acker Bilk at the Chester Gateway Theatre. David asked me if I would like to feature the interview on Jazz&Jazz. You bet I would, David! I’m honoured.

At the time David was writing freelance theatre previews and reviews. Acker was down to earth, warm and friendly and David didn’t feel at all anxious interviewing him before his concert.

David Ellis

David Ellis

David asked Acker if he played any other instruments. Acker replied he was only interested in the clarinet. As a youngster he started to learn the piano but was put off when he had to stay in on Saturday mornings to practice scales instead of getting out with his mates.

Acker told David it came as a complete surprise when he was awarded the MBE. He jokingly referred to it as being a Member of the Bristol Empire. He also spoke about his interest in painting landscapes in oils – “a good way to relax”. An artiste and an artist!

David’s Interview with Acker edited by Peter Davies

Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

Acker Bilk Presented with Special APPJAG Award at the Houses of Parliament

Meeting Acker at Wyllotts Theatre, Potters Bar, May, 2012

L/R: Bob Thomas of Bob Thomas and The Thomcats, Peter Butler, Acker Bilk, Brian Smith of Welwyn Garden City's Peartree Jazz Club

L/R: Bob Thomas of Bob Thomas and The Tomcats (sadly now also departed), Peter Butler, Acker Bilk, Brian Smith of Lemsford Jazz Club

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