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Jazz&Jazz is pleased to feature Brian O’Connor’s captivating
“Images of Jazz”

Hi Jazz Fans

After 45 years of jazz and blues photography, I’m finally publishing a book showing a selection of the photos taken during that time.  I was hoping to make it 50 years, but have decided to err on the side of caution whilst I can still press a shutter button.

It was hoped that the book would be ready early enough to be in time for reviews to be carried out before Christmas.  This is now becoming a close run thing.  It is currently at the printer but when you read this it may be available for orders.

So in the meantime I have decided to go ahead some advanced publicity and I am grateful to Jazz&Jazz for this post featuring the book plus the images below. Should you be interested in ordering the book could you please email me at: [email protected]

Many thanks,

Brian O’Connor

[email protected]

Norma Winstone

Norma Winstone

Liane Carroll

Liane Carroll

Peter Ind

Peter Ind

Gordon Dexter

Gordon Dexter

Cleo Lane & Johnny Dankworth

Cleo Lane & Johnny Dankworth

Courtney Pine

Courtney Pine

Santana Carlos

Santana Carlos

Brian would welcome thoughts about the book and his photographs in
“Speak Your Mind” below.

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  1. John Bishop says:

    What a fantastic collection of photographs taken over many years.
    This book is a must for all jazz lovers.
    A perfect gift and will attract much attention if left on your coffee table.
    Congratulations Brian on a beautiful publication.

  2. Antony Andrews says:

    As a fellow photographer who does dabble in the world of Jazz I can say from experience just how difficult this subject matter is to photograph. The lighting conditions are usually a nightmare, the ability to get in the right spot very trying and capturing that moment where the musician is just right can be mind blowing. Brian appears to not only be a genius at achieving the right location and capturing that moment in time but so creative and technically brilliant too. Many Jazz photographer create such stereotypical images that it is virtually impossible to tell one from another. Brian has a style of his own and never fails to achieve that image to which is a moment of magic frozen in time.

  3. N Richardson says:

    At last! A wonderful collection of Brian’s beautiful photos – the man whose camera lens is the eye we all wish we had!
    Highly recommended 🙂

  4. Excellent! At long last all Brian’s enormous work over the years in one easy to read place

  5. Annette Keen says:

    Fantastic and unique book, beautifully produced and documenting half a century of jazz in the UK. Would make the perfect gift for any jazz fan.

  6. Mike Rose says:

    In my opinion, it should be every jazz fan’s obligation nay responsibility to purchase a copy of Brian’s ‘Images of Jazz ‘. Covering, as it does, the past 45 years of jazz in Britain, it illustrates in glorious detail, all the musicians that have filled our lives with their wonderful music. It is a tribute both to them and the music we all love.
    Of particular importance is that Brian has made his whole collection available to the National Jazz Archive which will enable the Archive to share his work and passion with future generations of jazz musicians and fans.
    Order your copy now directly from Brian [email protected] for yourself and make sure that you spread the word through all your jazz contacts. You and they will be overjoyed so, do it now!
    Mike Rose
    National Jazz Archive

  7. Mike O'Sullivan says:

    Excellent. I’m expecting to get a signed copy at the Watermill next time our visits coincide Brian!

  8. Shane Hill says:

    This is a beautifully put together jazz photography collection, featuring many top UK musicians as well as international stars. I was most impressed with the layout and quality of this excellent book a must for all jazz lovers.

  9. Elizabeth O'Connor says:

    Brilliant book. How he made the choice of what pictures to use, goodness knows. Love the photos, layout and the quality of the book.

  10. Ian Fife says:

    I have known Brian personally for a number of years now & have to say that his dedication to Jazz & photographing the great musicians is second to none. He achieves a very high standard & makes for a very interesting book.
    Here’s to getting the next five years (up to fifty) & many more to add to your book.

  11. Alan Fife says:

    Brian has managed to capture jazz in the most intimate manner, his syle just wouldn’t possible without the acceptance of the musicians themselves. This is a stunning acheivement and shouldn’t be missed.

  12. David Nathan says:

    What a fantastic book – the exquisite photographs reflect Brian’s many years of jazz photography. The National Jazz Archive is delighted to be associated with this splendid work.

  13. Kay Shingleton says:

    This superbly presented book represents Brian’s labour of love over almost half a century, capturing the world’s great jazz artists playing in the UK. It is one of those evocative books that you can dip in and out of forever.

  14. Delysia Farthing says:

    Just loved them. Could almost see the Smokey haze and the warm beers.
    on you Brian for the memories

  15. Delysia Farthing says:

    Thank you Brian for the memories.
    Can almost see the Smokey haze that was the essence of a Jazz Club
    Great book for Christmas

  16. Peter Harris says:

    Just keep on snappin’ Brian! I have had the privilege of seeing your work at two of your exhibitions, and both times I have been struck by the atmosphere that you create – it is almost possible to hear the music being played when viewing the photographs. As has been said, the hardest part must have been deciding which ones to leave out – scope for a second volume I’m sure!

  17. Sandra and Andrew Lacey says:

    Many thanks Brian for sharing your photographs in this excellent book. Very pleased to own a copy to display on our coffee table. Well done Sandra and Andy Lacey

  18. Peter Butler says:

    Brian ends his wonderful book with his magnificent photo of Charlie Pyne on bass [ ] and the words: “The future is in safe hands, but unfortunately and certainly in the UK, very few people are aware of this fact”.

    So true and I will have more to say about this on Jazz&Jazz.

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