Shaye Cohen

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  1. William Gottlieb says:

    The best cornet/trumpet in New Orleans. Unparalleled understanding of classic jazz. Pure tone. Great ensemble playing in the band she leads. A brilliant unpretentious jazz light.

  2. Richard knight says:

    The most gifted player I have heard in years. I would go to New Orleans just to hear Shaye and the brilliant Tuba Skinny combo. Their playing is a music lesson, pure joy.. Special thanks also to Greg Sherman for a great vocal and phrasing, just love his singing…. Plus a huge thanks to all in the Band. Hope one day they will play in London, England.

    Skinny. Simply love this combo. Especially vocals of Greg Sherman

  3. Peter Butler says:

    One day perhaps! Despite strongest efforts so far no joy!

  4. I’m Trumpet player and Bandleader of Dixie Swingers Jazz Band from Lindóia, SP-Brazil. I have seen vídeos of Shaye on Jazz&Jazz. Amazing, authentic Jazz of 20s; Shaye shows leadership, but she smiles for the public.

  5. Mary Bowman says:

    Wonderful music!! Love how they do not compete but produce wonderful Dixie Jazz every place they play. listen on YOU TUBE…..WHERE ARE THEY PLAYING AND HOW IS THE BAND IN 2019

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