Lemsford Jazz Club Revisits the Music of Johnny Dodds and the 1920s with The Frog Island Jazz Band

Lemsford Jazz Club fans were swept along on a tide of nostalgia back to the 1920s and 30s by The Frog Island Jazz Band on Sunday, 1st May.

 John Whitehead, Trumpet; John Jeans, Trombone; Jim Hurd, Clarinet; Chris Marchant, Drums; Keith Durston, Piano; Brian Lawrence, Banjo; Rob Fullalove, Tuba.

The band and fans were saddened when Brian Smith (Smiffy) announced the passing of Bob Thomas, who, with his Thomcats, did so much for jazz, especially in Lemsford, over many, many years. His close friend, Clarinetist Jim Hurd was stunned by the news:
“To me Bob always seemed indestructible!”

The Frog Islanders were one of Bob’s favourite bands. Just perhaps he didn’t miss out on the session! After all he was always a free spirit!

Remembering Our Wonderful Friend, Bob Thomas, Jazz Trumpeter, 1930 – 2016

Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

(YouTube © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz)

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  1. PETE LAY says:

    Badly worded advert. Johnny Dodds will not be appearing with the Frog Island Jazz Band.
    Lemsford Jazz Club Revisits the music of Johnny Dodds and the 1920s with The Frog Island Jazz Band

  2. Peter Butler says:

    Thank you Pete – I defer to your advice and have changed the heading! Good to hear from you. Sad day yesterday when we said farewell to Bob Thomas, I owe him so much for catching me up with the jazz scene ten years plus ago.

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