Jonny Boston at The Bay Jazz Club



Jonny Boston (Leader, Clt, Sax, Vocals); Gary Wood (Tpt, Vocals); Dave Hewett (tmb); Tim Huskisson (pno); Trefor Williams (bass); Martin Guy (dms)

I’ve kept tabs on Jonny Boston ever since launching Jazz&Jazz, so I jumped at the opportunity to meet and film him for YouTubes at his Botany Bay Jazz Club gig in Hertfordshire, during his recent UK tour. He had gathered around him a great line up
of UK musicians for the tour:
Gary Wood (Tpt, Vocals); Dave Hewett (tmb); Tim Huskisson (pno);
Trefor Williams (bass); Martin Guy (dms, 
depping for John Petters).

Tim Huskisson

Tim Huskisson

Jonny’s vitality, personality and mission shone through the entire performance. His objectives in life, demonstrated in his music, are admirable.

Following the Bay gig, Jonny messaged me: “Nice to meet you Peter. We enjoyed ourselves. I look forward to seeing the YouTube clips when they’re ready.

“I’m hoping to bring “Jonny & the Jazzuits” over for some gigs in 2017,  so if you have any ideas for church venues and jazz clubs, do let me know. God bless you!”

Jonny B.

Here is a selection of my YouTube Scoops taken at The Bay Jazz Club.

Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

(Photos & YouTubes © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz)


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