Newly Released YouTubes of The Sant Andreu Jazz Band Herald Countdown to Fest Jazz 2016


Sant Andreu Stars Jamming with Good Time Jazz

Joan Chamorro’s Sant Andreu Young Stars Jamming with Trevor Stent’s Good Time Jazz Band

The Jazz&Jazz Countdown to Fest Jazz 2016 begins here with a
Sant Andreu Jazz Band teaser.

Fest Jazz, the young at heart and inspirational festival in Brittany, has announced the first name for the 2016 edition: Joan Chamorro and the Sant Andreu Jazz Band!!!  “It’s going to be wonderful to see those 30 talented young musicians again. They rarely play as a band outside Barcelona and we are very proud that they are so keen to come to Fest Jazz this year,” says Festival Director Trevor Stent. “They will be playing in small groups during the weekend and then as a Big Band on the Sunday evening. It will be fantastic!”.

Jazz&Jazz filmed at Fest Jazz 2014 when Sant Andreu’s talented young stars first stole the show! You will find a selection of the Jazz&Jazz YouTubes taken back then, scattered throughout this website. Now I’m releasing a so far unseen but joyful teaser of Joan Chamorro’s wonderful young stars – an intriguing clip from a totally unrehearsed and impromptu Jam Session with Trevor Stent and his “Good Time Jazz Band” musicians. I filmed it against the somewhat noisy backdrop of the marquee being set up for the next session. But it’s the atmosphere that counts and the sheer joy displayed by Joan’s young stars – not necessarily in this case the sound quality.

Some teaser! But before releasing it I ensured that I had Joan’s approval. He said he would take a look at the YouTube and get back to me. When he did he messaged: “The sound is bad but it’s a nice time so I have no problem. Thank you for everything you do.” And then he sent me a St Andreu YouTube of his young star Rita Payes singing  “Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me”. Magical!

Here are the two YouTubes:

I can’t wait to get back to Châteauneuf-du-Faou this July! Come back to Jazz&Jazz soon for more about Fest Jazz 2016 and how to book along with travel information.

Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

(Photo & YouTubes © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz, & Sant Andreu Jazz Band)

Footnote: I have been challenged if not criticised for placing so much emphasis on Fest Jazz. Why do I? The festival is making headlines in magazines such as Just Jazz, March 2016, and Sean Moyses’ article in the October 2015 issue. Sean starred at Fest Jazz last year. My reason for wanting to get back there this year is the proven popularity of the youthful bands and musicians Trevor Stent features – from Europe, the USA and the UK. Proven? Yes, by the thousands of viewings my Fest Jazz YouTubes get compared with the meagre viewings of my other Jazz&Jazz YouTubes – even of those featuring young bands. There has to be a lesson in this and if we learn it, who is to say many more such bands can’t zoom in popularity. Especially now that Jazz is beginning to make a come back. This is my very first plug on this issue and I shall continue with the theme.

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