Phall Fatale – Testing the Waters?


Phil-Fatale at

Phall Fatale at Jazz Festival Willisau

Berlin based publicity man, Lukasz Polowczyk recently asked if I would be prepared to feature Phall Fatale, an innovative group, on Jazz&Jazz.

Initially I thought not but later changed my mind. These days I’m discovering some items posted on my Facebook Jazzers Group are stretching the boundaries of jazz to one degree or another. Should it be up to me to give a steer on this?

Lukasz’ agency is called Initials IP

So why not use Phall Fatale as a test case (i) to assess just how far the boundaries can be stretched, especially on this website and (ii) to help give Lukasz a steer on how and where best to promote his group.

Here are two YouTubes of Phall Fatale’s music and I would welcome readers’ opinions.

Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

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  1. N'awlins Fan says:

    I would think it’s hard to play and it is equally hard to listen to ! Of course all musicians have the right to experiment and play what they feel, and, as everyone knows, there are fans of all strange genres of music. This is just one of them. For myself, I would prefer a different Berlin band, called the Dizzy Birds. It will be interesting to read other readers opinions !

  2. Colin Wood says:

    Nein danke!
    Kein Schwing!
    Kein Harmonie!
    Nicht zuviel melodie!

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