Lights! Camera! Action! on “Shiny Stockings”!


Tad Newton's Jazzfriends starring Gary Wood [trumpet], Ronnie Fenn [drums], Tad Newton [trombone], Alan Haughton [piano], Bill Coleman [bass], Frank Griffith [sax] PLUS Special Guest Greg Abate (sax).

Tad Newton’s Jazzfriends starring Alan Haughton [piano], Tad Newton [trombone], Bill Coleman [bass], Gary Wood [trumpet], Greg Abate (sax), Ronnie Fenn [drums], Frank Griffith [sax].

But it’s not quite like that filming live at Jazz Clubs!

“Lights” can be anything but …!

“Camera” depends on juggling for space with fans for available shooting angles! And “Action”? Well there are no opportunities for “Take Twos” once the band has launched into the number – even if part way through filming the camera man is all but knocked off his feet by a fidgeting fan heading for the bar!

Such was the case when I was filming at a recent gig starring Tad Newton’s Jazzfriends at The Walnut Tree Jazz Club, Blisworth, in November, 2015.

The number? Count Basie’s “Shiny Stockings” with references to “Strictly Come Dancing”.

And yet I wouldn’t swap filming live for studio set ups any day. It captures the moment, the fun, the atmosphere – the sheer joy of live jazz! PLUS it avoids all those “Take Two” dramas!

I plan to make much more of my Hi Def YouTubes as just about the best way within my capacity to help hasten the emerging jazz revival.

So be sure to make a habit of visiting my Jazz&Jazz YouTube Channel.

Meanwhile, here is “Shiny Stockings”. Enjoy!

Peter M Butler
Editor & Proprietor Jazz&Jazz

(Photos & YouTubes © Peter M Butler, Jazz&Jazz)

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